A Little Dot Jewelry


I would love to tell you a little story today, as you know my first solo trip was to Thailand. I absolutely fell in love with the country and I was very happy that I had chosen Thailand as my first solo destination. One of the spots that I remember most fondly is the island of Koh Tao, a diver's paradise (even though I didn't go diving) and it has the most mellow atmosphere. It's also here that I discovered the cutest little shop Nuchi who carries a jewelry brand that I have come to love dearly, A Little Dot. Cosmic coincidence, or as I like to call it, social media, connected the designer of the brand, Suparat and myself once again as we started mailing each other from across the globe.

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Major Life Decisions & How To Deal With Them


I know, I have been teasing you all a bit with the news I have been wanting to share. I gave away quite a few clues on my birthday and I'm so excited to tell all. When I turned 26, I wrote an article about what I wanted to achieve before I turned 30. It was scary to write but I felt like it resonated with a lot of you guys. I wanted clear goals, steps and a direction to follow in the hopes that all will go according to plan. A year later, I still want those steps and goals but it turns out that life just isn't that simple and that, sometimes, you have to discover it along the way. But then again, if life would be predictable, what would be the fun in it anyway?

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A Nomad’s Wardrobe Part 1


As the date of my take-off to India is getting closer, I'm diving into all things fashionable and travel-friendly. I'm a strong believer that traveling can go hand in hand with looking amazing. Alright, it might take a little more research and effort but I would love to do that work for you. You might have noticed that the blog is going more and more into a wanderlust direction and that is just the way I like it. Fashionable Wanderlust, as I call it, is something you can expect a whole lot more off in the future. That does bring me to a certain announcement that I'm super excited to share with you. I'll be sharing my secret on the 10th of November. Keep a close eye on the blog!

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My First Michelin Star Dinner


Considering myself a bit of a foodie it's quite strange that I have never had a fine dining experience. You know, I just love eating! In a streetfood setting, a hip new bar in London or at home with friends. But a geniun Michelin star dinner I hadn't yet had the chance to cross that off my list. And then I found out about this great iniative called Young KitchenRebels (aka Jong KeukenGeweld).

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London // Caravan


Discovering all those great spots in Amsterdam reminded me that I still had to share the amazing restaurant Caravan in London. You wouldn't expect the area around King's Cross to be hot and happening but it is! A lot of cool new places are opening up and you can even find Central Saint Martin's, University of Arts here. Among these hip new hotspots is Caravan on Granary Square. I found this because I was looking for a quick (but nice) bite to eat near the station from which we were heading home with Eurostar. I was very surprised by all the hotspots I found such as Shrimpy's and Grain Store but chose to pay Caravan a visit in stead.

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Hello from Amsterdam! I just arrived to work here for a week and wanted to sneak an outfitpost in. I'll be discovering new spots all week so you can expect awesome hotspots on the blog very soon! These pictures are from the Zalando Blog Awards I attended last week (an award that Paulien took home!). We were all very curious about these awards as we would be meeting topblogger Yara Michels and hearing her speak about her own blog experience. That calls for metallic pants I thought! I honestly don't wear these eye-catching Haider Ackermann trousers often enough. The boots are from Haider Ackermann as well and this was actually the first 'official' time they were allowed outside. I bought them for myself as a going-away present from the company of Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann and have never worn them. You know, some shoes need to shine on a bookshelf first before taking them out for a walk.

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A Year, A Day and A Nomination


Exactly one year and one day ago this blog saw the light of day. This means that by this time last year, I was in New York hopping from Starbucks to Starbucks to check what you guys thought of my newest baby. These exciting days were followed by an amazing year filled with new ideas, a lot of work and hopefully plenty of inspiration for you all. Since my Ella And Louise days, I wanted to focus more on a unique combination of fashion and travel with a hint of delicious food. I'm still working on improving the blog every day but there are some favorites that made my top 6 (I couldn't stick to 5) posts. This direction of fashionable wanderlust is something that I feel very passionate about and look forward to showing more of in the future.

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Birthday Wishlist Turned Moodboard


A birthday always requires for some sort of birthday wishlist. As I'm currenlty plotting several plans, most of these wants are of a very functional -but beautiful- nature. Around this time last year I wrote this article which has played a very active role in the past year. I'm very excited about the up-and-coming year and look forward to spilling the beans to you as well. For now I will leave you with this moodboard, a little explanation below and the tips that you can find within this board. It won't be that difficult to figure out!

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Next Week’s Dinner #3


This upcoming week is quite an exciting one as it is my birthday week! I've already had an amazing party the past weekend and look forward to eating a little bit more healthy. A lot of these recipe are low on carbs and focus on combining either protein with vegetables or vegetables and carbs. A principle by the Belgian food craze Pascale Naessens which I am a little fascinated about. I try to watch this principle as often as possible and I do feel a lot better (and not over-eaten) when I'm eating like this. All these recipes apart from monday's raw salmon with courgette pasta are vegetarian just as with the previous "Next Week's Dinner #1 and #2" that I created for you. I'm soooo looking forward to eating all of this.

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