Route de France Instadiary


I just arrived back in Belgium and wanted to share the first part of my -almost- three week long France journey. I have to admit that I loved it so much it made it kind of hard to come back. My trip started out in Bonnieux with my gorgeous girlfriends, I fitted in a weekend in Paris and ended up more in the Indre province of France with my family, dogs and some fun airplanes. The highlights definitely were way too many wines with my girls, unexpected new friends along the way and 2 flight. A big thank you to Gert and Guillaume for taking me up in the air!

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Lemon-Zucchini Risotto with Scallops

Lemon-zucchini risotto with scallops recipe_named

Sitting outside with my laptop and hearing the up and coming thunderstorm approaching, I wanted to share yesterday's dish. When I'm on holiday I love to experiment with food as I finally have a little bit more time and a couple of extra mouths to feed. I love to play around with whatever I can cook on a BBQ. Baking a pizza one day is a dream of mine, is that weird? Anyway, back to yesterday's dinner. At least once while staying here, I need to eat scallops, this is simply not up for this discussion. This year I decided to combine it with a fresh tasting risotto, a lemon-zucchini risotto with scallops that is.

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Festival Hopping at Couleur Café


During the weekends of Les Ardentes, Dour Festival and Tommorowland I'm usually in France just as this year. Festivals I would all love to visit but then again I don't mind the view that I'm looking at right now. One of my bad habits is counting down to the next festival as soon as the most recent one finishes. Before the summer really started in Belgium and here in France it was time for Couleur Café (and Rock Werchter the weekend after). Zalando invited us to choose a festival outfit and join them to the festival. I knew immediately that I would wanted to wear the Bandit shorts from One Teaspoon. We got the full treatment with a ProNails manicure and professional hairstyling. We even got the chance to ride to the festival in this amazeballs vintage Volkswagen Samba bus. I never thought I would actually get the chance to ride in one! I have to admit that it felt a bit strange to dress up for a festival but I sure wouldn't mind to have it more often. I would suggest joining me to Pukkelpop?

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Hipster City Cologne


A little while ago Thalys invited to discover Cologne with them. Cologne in Germany? It made me think of Christmas markets and not much else. Needless to say I wasn't really impressed. That's until I starting talking to people in Antwerp about my upcoming adventure in Germany. Everybody who went there was extremely excited, especially about the Belgian Quarter. With some tips in my planner from the lovely Tine from Tinsel, I hopped on the Thalys. First class I might add, and that doesn't suck! I've found that traveling by Thalys is quite a pleasant way to go around Europe. It doesn't take you too long, the train stations are often located right in the city center (as opposed to the airports), it's very pleasant to sit in and you get to see the landscape changing.

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Alpronista Dinner Party

photo2 (2)

I know, I have been a bad blogger. This month has been a little crazy (to put it mildly) and that has shown here. I have so many cool posts that I'm working on at that I will be finishing soon (among others all my tips for übercool Cologne). So don't run away just yet, I'm coming back with a bang!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed that I threw a little dinner party at my apartment yesterday. The dinner party itself was a long time coming and Alpro's 3-course menu was the perfect excuse.

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Learn how to draw the Perfect Cat-Eye from Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung


I've have been a loyal fan of the cat-eye look for about three years now. I had gotten quite fast at it, but it was always a bit of a mess before I got it perfectly. While browsing through The Beauty Department, one of my favorite sites for all things beauty, I discovered a Lauren Conrad tutorial on how to draw the perfect cat-eye.

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5 Lessons Learned from Refinery 29 (and Beyoncé)


Refinery 29 is a great source of inspiration for the personal development and well everything else that's lifestyle related. I personally love to check out the career orientated articles. Especially as the urge to develop a project of my own grows stronger and the need to travel is very present. The website keep me keen with interviews of strong independent women and with great angles. I've been tweeting articles on a regular basis and I wanted to share the 5 most remarkable lessons I've learned from Refinery 29 (and one by Beyoncé -obviously-).

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Emerson Fry


If there is one web boutique out there of which I would happily own just about everything, it's Emerson Fry. I discovered the shop through one of their product shots which are styled like the prettiest editorials. Not too much going on, just beautiful pieces on a beautiful women (Carolyn Slate, who is also one of the founders of the store). One part of me has a minimalistic esthetic but the other part loves the bohemian way of dressing (think Free People & Coachella). Quite the opposites right? In my head it didn't seem that one could fluently combine those two style until Emerson Fry came along. This is also what I love most about them, they add in a bohemian element without losing that minimalistic esthetic. Lets call it bohemian minimalism. I just googled it, apparently it's a thing!

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The Perfect White Summer Dress


During the weekend I found myself wandering the MANGO racks and picking out one white dress after the other. Buying a white dress is by far not the smartest choice for me (call me clumsy) but I still feel uncontrollably attracted to these perfect white summer dresses. The disadvantages are clear, it gets dirty in seconds and it might not be the most body flattering color, so why do I want it so bad? It might be because it radiates summer, it would go perfectly with my black Birkenstocks or any other open shoe and you can easily add a pop of color. The top one is my favorite and I'm actually considering running to the MANGO after work. What do you think?

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