Under The Cherry Blossom Tree


The blossoms of the cherry tree are one of the most beautiful things found in the city in the beginning of spring. When they were blooming I joined Paulien to take advantage of this beauty. I was lucky enough to also enjoy this beauty during the past few days when I was discovering the wine region of the Rhône valley of which you will be able to read more soon!

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Closet Sale


Because I'm planning a special project (on which I'll hopefully be able to say more in the next few months), I've decided to clean out my closet and my apartment. I'll be selling quite a big portion of my clothes and shoes. Basically everything that I don't feel emotionally connected to (you know what I mean). I believe these pieces could make someone else happier since they're doing nothing in my closet. I will be selling my clothes from brands such as H&M, Zara but also Friis and Company on the Louvintage Facebook page (more than is just placed in this post). Since this sale only lasts for 1 week, I also started my own Tictail store. In this store I will be selling more pieces that won't be available on the Louvintage site. I'm even considering selling my Acne Pistol Boots. So please, if you like something, go for it! If you don't like the price, let me know and maybe we can arrange something. The more pieces gone the better, my überfull living room and special project will be very grateful!

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Next Week’s Eats


Saturdays are the perfect days to reflect on what you're going to eat in the up and coming week. Since I don't eat meat, I often get the question of what I eat during the week. A lot of people might think that a vegetarian's meals are very monotonous. Here’s to show you that they're definitely not. If one of the recipes contain any meat stock or chicken (like a lot of the recipes found online do), I swap it out for vegetable stock and just add in some extra vegetables instead of the chicken or meat.

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Blogging Toolkit // The Hardware


Being a blogger without a serious amount of hardware can be quite difficult. During the first year of blogging for example I managed without a descent camera and a smartphone. Now I wouldn't know how to make that work anymore. That being saying, blogging often doesn't come cheap. In my blogging toolkit I have ready at all times my smartphone, my DSLR Camera, my laptop and an Ipad Mini. Having some or all of these tools have almost become quintessential as a blogger. Having slowly upgraded during the past years, here's my experience as a blogger that is often on the go.

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Eigenzinnig // Inspirational Quotes For Your Interior


Today I would like to tell you about something special. As you know I have been working hard to "change for the better". When turning 26 last year, I wanted to work towards my future and to see how my goals and hopes would fit in that plan. While doing this, I've had the pleasure to work with Rhea Lizen, founder of Eigenzinnig. Since I've had many inspiring and interesting conversations with Rhea, I like to think of her as somewhat of a like minded spirit, often talking way longer that we should.

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The Amsterdam Hotspot Guide


While spending time in Amsterdam for business and pleasure, I had the opportunity to really discover the city. During the new year I've been back for about three times. When I had the opportunity to stay for a longer period of time, I got the chance to get a proper feel of the city. It's difficult to do that when you're just visiting. Spending a couple of week at least gives you a little bit the feeling of living abroad for a short time.

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Thailand // Elephant Nature Park


During my trip to Thailand I was determined to scratch "Touch an elephant from close by" off my bucket list. Ever since I was a little girl, the African elephant has been my absolute favorite animal. Something about their grandeur and the beauty of their language has intrigued me for many years. But I was in Thailand, so I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to see the beautiful Asian elephant from close by.

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Amsterdam // Bakers & Roasters


Knowing locals in foreign cities is the best way to get to know the good spots. While I was working in Amsterdam I had the chance to meet up with my erasmus friends and joined them to my favorite New Zealander's top brunch spot, Bakers & Roasters. This part New Zealand, part Brazilian restaurant is a little hidden gem in De Pijp and serves some great kiwi grub. Even though I'm not a coffee drinker, I've heard this place has one of the best cups in town. They want to bring the New Zealand specialty coffee culture to Amsterdam and are using Brazilian beans. The chai latte (and the green juice) however was also very delicious.

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