The Perfect Perfecto


For years and years I have been on the look-out for the perfect perfecto. You see the search for this precious item can be very difficult. You want butter-soft leather and a fit that compliments your body type and is unbound by seasons. This is the jacket that it supposed to age with you and grow more beautiful as the years go on. It is the jacket that is all you need in the between seasons of fall and spring but can also help you through the winter with a beautiful sleeveless knit over the top.

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How To Find The Perfect (Thai) Market Souvenir


My personal favorite souvenir is a piece of jewelry but bags, shoes, shirts can also be original and good reminders of your trip. While I was traveling through Thailand I was overwelmed by the thousand of tourist focused stores selling the exact same dusty touristy things. Think cheap copied t-shirts, inexpensive Thai memorabilia and things like funny hats or glowing sticks. It is this kind of stores that make me think twice about the tourist industry. Do your best to look beyond these store and go hunting for the geniune and orgininal pieces. Be on the look-out for the sellers that are selling something authentic, making their own products or are collecting several small local brands.

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Visit Clinic Picnic


During one of my very first visits to Antwerp, before I moved here, I was walking around the south and passed by the concept store Clinic. Of course I had to enter and I remember thinking that Antwerp would be a city I wanted to be a part of. Still longing for the big city life I got to know in Copenhagen, cool concept stores were just not something that you would find in Leuven at the time. Walking around the store you could feel the creativity and the energy of the city. It sparked my nostalgic Copenhagen soul and got me all excited. Right then and there I knew that Antwerp would be my next hometown.

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Turkish Red Pepper – Lentil Soup


When I was interning at Bruno Pieters' own label in what seems ages ago, I was surrounded by a great group of fashion interns. One of these interns was the Turkish designer Tugce Ozocak, who is currently working on Third Design. While introducing me to the Turkish cuisine, she taught me how to make this red pepper and lentil soup. Even though I’ve probably forgot and added some of the ingredients over the years, I still regularly make this soup. It is the perfect cure to forget about this horrible summer weather.

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London Instadiary


This trip to Londen differed a little bit from my previous trips to the UK capital as I had plans to discover the Britsh countryside as well. So the little time I had in London I wanted to spend wisely, Shoreditch it was. The area has been one of the hippest areas in town for some time now but is rumered that it has passed its peak. Dalton, Hackney Wick, Haggerston and other areas starting with H are tipped as op-and-coming and let's not forget King's Cross. In Shoreditch on Saturday I focused on a nice lunch in Albion, cocktails in The Boundary (who are conveniently located in the same builing), shopping in Boxpark (where Alex from Fashercise now has a pop-up!) and a walk in Hoxton.

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Because the Nationalestraat in Antwerp is broken up once again, we couldn't resist to shoot there. With the long shopping street almost empty, you get a little bit of a New York vibe no? Anyway, I wanted to show off the most comfortable pants in my closet. Comfortable that is, but not as in jogging pants but pants that you can also leave the house in. Why? Not because these DIESEL jeans are of the "boyfriend" kind, no because they have a secret. They are actually a very well hidden pair of joggings. A hybrid between jeans and a jogging that it, joggjeans they are called. To the eye? A beautiful pair of grey boyfriend jeans. To the legs? The trousers that you wear in the couch on lazy sunday.

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Three Green Antwerp Getaways


As you all know I love living in Antwerp. If there is one thing that I feel Antwerp is a bit short on, it is greenery. The urban life is a pretty amazing one but I do need some nature once and a while. If you're looking for that in Antwerp, you can head out to Park Spoor Noord or Middelheim Park, both a bike ride away from the center. Greenery in the city itself, like you can find in cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and New York, is missing. I usually head out to watch the Schelde if I need a hit of nature. Sitting on the concrete banks of the river you sometimes wish that the concrete would make way for more green. I'm happy not to be alone in this search for green and love the summer options in green Antwerp getaways. These three getaways in particular are worth a visit.

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My Festival Playlist


The fashion at music festivals is a lot of fun but of course the actual music is what it is all about. While preparing for Pukkelpop this week, I've submerged myself in the bands that are coming and put together a little playlist. Not only bands that are coming to Belgium this weekend, but also a couple of my all time favorites that were at Rock Werchter, Couleur Café and Les Ardentes. Perfect to play when you're packing your bags or when you're on the road! I also added some pics that I still had laying around from festivals last year and this year.

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Cluse Watches X Rooftop Antics Give-away


As I said earlier this week (in my Monochrome post) I will be giving away a CLUSE watch right here on the blog! I never like to much fuss around watches and that is why I immediately loved the CLUSE La Bohème collection. The designers at Cluse are focused on beautifully designed watches but at reasonable prices. So great value for around 100 euros. I just love the colors that they choose to work with and especially the rose gold details.

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