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I’m Marijs and this is my blog Rooftop Antics. 

Both pretty awkward names right? Well, that’s because I’m Belgian and in Belgium, my name is -somewhat- normal. Don’t be afraid to pronounce my name wrong. Think ‘Mar-ais’ or just yell out ‘Hey, Belgium’. Most likely, we’ll become friends anyway!

Why the name Rooftop Antics? When you’re standing on a Rooftop, you’re standing on top of the world. With everything you haven’t explored yet at your fingertips. While not taking life too seriously, the best ideas are out of the box.  Or when playing around in life and getting away with some childish Antics. This blog is about showing how much fun traveling is and how you too can get away with it.


From the Fashion Industry to Full-Time Traveler

I started my career in the fashion industry and worked for industry leaders such as Haider Ackermann, Ann Demeulemeester and DIESEL. Trying to fit into the Belgian 9-5 life, in the awesome city of Antwerp, I always felt like something was missing. While I will always love fashion, I realized that the fashion industry wasn’t for me.

Dreaming of traveling for years, I bought a one-way ticket to India. In a matter of a few months I was off. Three years later and I’m still not planning to go back to that life. Setting off for a life of full-time travel was, and still is, scary and not always easy. But it is also the best thing I ever did! 

Rooftop_Antics_Marijs_vranckenPhoto by Pablo Heimplatz

Why Travel?

My love for this blog and sharing my travels is endless because there is so much value in travel. Obviously, you will see beautiful landscapes and encounter different cultures. However, there is much more! Especially when traveling slow, which is my favorite way of traveling.

I have never felt more like myself than right now, three years after taking off on that first scary flight. I have regained the confidence I lost while growing up. I have become much more sociable and am proud to say that I can handle everything the universe throws at me. My worldview has opened up and most importantly, I know that everything will work out for the best in the end.

And then I’m not even mentioning all the amazing people you will meet all over the world! 


What to expect on Rooftop Antics

Couchsurfing through Japan, paragliding for free in New Zealand or being stuck in Borneo with no money or accommodation. These are all stories you will find on the blog. I always end up in crazy situations and love sharing these funny stories!

Rooftop_Antics_Marijs_vranckenPhoto by Pablo Heimplatz

But, this blog is more about helping YOU. I share my best travel tips, how to not pay for an expensive tour or which tourist traps are worth seeing (Uluru, for example, is still a must). Simple travel hacks I live by and what I pack to certain destinations. You don’t have to follow the herd, go out there and explore the world YOUR WAY (with some tips from me, of course!)

What about that fashion nerd?

She’s still here! I still follow and adore many fashion bloggers and am always people-watching to find new outfits. On the blog, you will find great style ideas. More importantly, I want to open your horizon to more ethical clothing labels rather than picking up a cheap outfit that will last a week. My favorite home-made beauty hacks or cruelty-free and natural beauty brands will definitely also make an appearance!

Rooftop_Antics_Marijs_vranckenPhoto by Paulien Riemis


Where am I now?

After thirty countries, I’m now based in Australia. I fell in love with this country and all it has to offer. I’m settling down for a while in the amazing city of Sydney as I prepare for more adventures on this side of the globe. Very high up on my wishlist at the moment are the Pacific Islands and the Philippines!  

Last but not least, I’m so excited to share this journey with you and look forward to hearing from you. Make sure to comment below the post so that I can help you even more or find me on Facebook, InstagramTwitter or Pinterest.

Rooftop_Antics_Marijs_vranckenPhoto by Pablo Heimplatz

If you are interested in collaborating with me or would like to advertise on Rooftop Antics, contact me at marijs(at)rooftopantics.com

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