Organize Your Jewelry

Posted on September 1, 2014

Ever since I wrote this popular post about how to personalize your closet, I vowed to oganize and declutter my own jewelry collection. Happily a little later Ezis Living was so kind to send me a beautiful three-story clear box by Nomess Copenhagen. I love Scandinavian brands and their esthetics and Ezis living has plently of that. Next to Nomess Copenhagen, Dianah, the owner of Ezis Living, also offers other great design brands such as Normann Copenhagen, Le Creuset, Serax and Menu.

I fell in love with the box as soon as I layed my eyes on it but didn’t quite know what to do with it or where to put in in my home. After reorganising my kitchen, I created this little spot. The combination of the transparant acryl, the vintage bowls and plants really make me quite happy. I’ve put it in the center of my home so that I can look at it every morning. I know, that makes me kind of weird. But then again I do have shoes displayed in my living room, totally normal right?!