5 Great Yet Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted on December 16, 2013

When looking for Christmas gifts, I also like to think about how I will wrap them this time around. I’m a big fan of the basic brown wrapping paper in stead of the store wrapping paper which immediately gives away the content of your special box. It’s the perfect blank canvas with which you have so many options of adding a personal touch. Here are a couple of great ideas that you easily try for this Christmas or for any other gift giving occasion.

1. Keep It Simple

The title says it, this idea is very straightforward but I still absolutely love it. All you need is an old fashioned labelmaker and some basic rope. I’ve been looking for one of those label makers myself, if anybody knows where you can find them?


2. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Bu using paint splatter on your paper, you can an extra element or color to your gifts. You can even go Carrie Bradshaw Jr. on it (please do!)


3. Add a Photo and/or a Note

I love the idea of adding a note and a meaningful photo to gift. It adds something unique ànd a wonderful message. All in the spirit of Christmas.

Oh Hello Friend

4. Get Out Your Sewing Kit

I came across this wonderful idea for gift wrapping on the blog Shimtokk (Co-founded by the Belgian designer Joke Vande Gaer). They combine a technique of cutting the wrapping paper and sewing with colorful thread. You can also sew in an additional card on top of the paper.

stitchedpackage1 stitchedpackage2 copy

5. Ye Olde Masking  Tape

On many occasions I have already told you about my love for masking tape. I’ve already given you some great ideas here including some other gift wrapping ideas. But as it is just such an easy method, I wanted to share below inspiration as well.

masking tape

If you still didn’t have enough, the ad-agency Friendship made a fun video on original gift wrapping. You can find the video below.

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