Top 5 Style Highlights Revisited

Posted on August 10, 2012

I have always loved writing these style highlights. Because some of them were posted a while ago, many new outfits have come and gone. Therefore it was time to give you an update on your favorite style icons. Lily Aldridge has been one of the favorites since the beginning and I completely understand why. This girl perfectly nails the ideal rock and roll look in an elegant way. Next to that, color-bomb Elisa Nalin and New Yorker Mary-Kate Steinmiller have always stayed a popular reading destination to brighten up your days. Closing the list are Emma Stone and Kate Foley, two women that have that necessary dose of humor in their dress sense.

1. Lily Aldridge


I did my first highlight on Lily Aldridge in November 2011. I’m still in love with her rock and roll style and her gorgeous hair. My favorites are her casual outfits but she has upped her game on the red carpet looks. Her style has remained quite simple with a lot of clean lined dresses, lots of black and some eyecatching details such as an assymetrical cut in the dress on top or the amazing back on the Ralf Lauren dress she wore to the Met Gala this year.

Lily+Aldridge+Style+Ralf+Lauren+Met+Gala Lily+Aldridge+Style+Caleb+Followill


Caleb_Followill_Lily_ Aldridge_Style

In the meantime Lily has also been receiving a lot of attention due to her first pregnancy and the clothes that she wore to show off her curves. Dixie Pearl Followill is her first daughter, pretty sure it’s a gorgeous baby.


Lily+Aldridge+Style+Pregnant Lily+Aldridge+Style+Pregnant

2. Elisa Nalin pt 1 and pt2


Patricia introduced me to Elisa Nalin when she wrote the first and second style highlight on this amazing stylist. Compaired to the other style icons that have been shown on Ella And Louise, she is the true champion in combining colors and prints. Wearing this with her signature orange lipstick from MAC and whimsical collars, she walks the Paris streets like nobody I’ve seen before.

Stockholm_Streetstyle_Elisa Nalin_Style


I wasn’t surprised at all that these articles have been read as much as they have because she is so unique. As she is a constant on the Paris Fashion Week streets, we are once again able to show you lots of new outfits from this amazing lady. I have to say that the main reason why I’m fascinated by her, is because her style deviates the most from mine which inspires me to do new things. Mission accomplished for styles icons such as Elisa.




3. Mary-Kate Steinmiller


I wrote the style highlight on Mary-Kate Steinmiller, fashion market editor at Teen Vogue, as one of my first. That’s more than a year ago now. I feel that she hasn’t been showing her best looks anymore but I am a fan of the top look and her winter look below. She has become a lot more american classic since the last time we put her under a microscope. However the combination of the lace dress with the cute rubber boots do make up for it!







4. Emma Stone


Emma Stone has received lots of attention due to her latest movie,  The Amazing Spider-Man, and therefore also had a lot of red carpet occasions. I did however have some difficulties to filter out the outfits that I really liked. She is a really funny girl and one of my favorite actresses at the moment and I love the fact that she puts a lot of humor in her clothes as well. Maybe she overdoes it sometimes but when she does it right, she can really make an entrance. Same as with Lily Aldridge, I have to say that I’m a bit more a fan of her casual outfits then her red carpet looks, but here are a few of my favorites from both ends.


Emma+Stone+Andrew+Garfield+Style+Casual Emma+Stone+Andrew+Garfield+Style+Casual





5. Kate Foley

My personal favorite Kate Foley, buyer at Opening Ceremony, and her love for white dresses. As this was a very recent post, there are not too many picture to add. But you’re welcome to check out our first  Style Highlight on this lady! What we love about her is that she can create an enormous amount of different looks with the same pieces and makes it look extremely cool.



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