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I would love to tell you a little story today, as you know my first solo trip was to Thailand. I absolutely fell in love with the country and I was very happy that I had chosen Thailand as my first solo destination. One of the spots that I remember most fondly is the island of Koh Tao, a diver’s paradise (even though I didn’t go diving) and it has the most mellow atmosphere. It’s also here that I discovered the cutest little shop Nuchi who carries a jewelry brand that I have come to love dearly, A Little Dot. Cosmic coincidence, or as I like to call it, social media, connected the designer of the brand, Suparat and myself once again as we started mailing each other from across the globe.



The island we both love inspired designer Suparat to start a jewelry line, A Little Dot, which has grown ever since. It consists mostly out of simple designs with a bohemian minimalistic feel. Just the way I like it! Suparat uses a lot of natural elements such as fluorite stones, quartz crystal, (cruelty-free) bones, coral and much more in her work. She collects these materials from her travels or from carefully selected suppliers. Apart from the island itself she gains her inspiration from cultural events, geometric shapes or from playing around with the jewelry itself. But most importantly she loves making jewelry and she would love you all to try one of her pieces. I bought two pieces from her back in Thailand and after two years of wearing them (A LOT, see here and here), they haven’t shown any aging. The new pieces have been popular in my jewelry rotation and you’ll be seeing them plenty as they’re going in my travel pack!

Because I have received so many enthusiastic responses about all of my pieces, we decided to offer you something special. You will see that the jewelry is already very affordable but because we love you, we would like to offer a Rooftop Antics exclusive (and a first on the blog) and give you 15% discount AND free shipping until the end of December on the A Little Dot website! Just enter the discount code “DOTROOFTOP15” when you check out! You will see only 15% discount go off at the check-out but you will be refunded for the transport costs after the purchase. I really hope you enjoy shopping at this lovely Etsy store, you’ll be so happy with the pieces you buy!




This article is a collaboration between A Little Dot and Rooftop Antics. I received a couple of these beautiful necklaces to take pictures but I’m writing this article because I want to support Suparat and A Little Dot. I have enjoyed her pieces so much that I was very excited when she contacted me and hope that you can enjoy them as well!

First photo and 2 other similar in style by Polienne

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