Take A Microadventure to Dinant

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When my Sunday afternoon plans fell through, I looked at one of my best mates and we decided to jump in the car and take a microadventure to Dinant.

What is a microadventure?

The term microadventure was first invented/claimed by adventurer Alastair Humphreys and can be defined as a “short, simple, local, cheap adventure”. It means that you can jump in the car or on the train and you don’t have to spend half a fortune on a plane ticket across the world. For me, these micro adventures are a way of life. There is nothing I love to do more than to inject a little bit of adventure into daily life. That is certainly the reason I love traveling so much. Every day is an adventure!

What do you need for a microadventure?

Nothing much, just an open mind and a will to explore. A microadventure to Dinant is just one of the many options. Skip the Sunday coffee bar and go for a walk through the beautiful fall-colored forest, jump in the car and drive for an hour with no destination in mind, have a spur of the moment weekend by the seaside, so much is possible.




Why Dinant?

Ranked as one of the most beautiful towns of Wallonia, Dinant is a very picturesque little town. Easily recognizable by its cliff-side location and colorful houses next to the river Meuse, it’s a favorite among tourists looking for a day trip from the capital, Brussels. At the top of the cliff, you can find the Citadel of Dinant. This 11th century building can be reached either by cable cart or by car. Famous for its history, views and arms museum, it can be a great addition to your visit.

Dinant is also the place of birth of Adolf Sax, the founder of the saxophone. If you are a music lover, you can pay a visit to the house where Adolf Sax was born. Here, you can find out about his life and music.  Finally, Dinant is also home to the famous Leffe Brewery. As one of Belgium’s most beloved beers, this trip really isn’t complete without a visit to the gorgeous building. Expect more great views, an educational exhibit in the old monastery and do as Belgians do, end your day with a glass of beer.

Plenty to see and do for a short adventure on a Sunday afternoon. Getting to Dinant by car and train is incredibly easy and therefore this little town is perfect for what I like to call a microadventure. Find your accommodation in Dinant here.


most_beautiful_village_wallonia_dinant_travelblog_rooftopantics-15-of-15The View from the Leffe Brewery

What to pack for a microadventure?

What makes microadventures so easy is that you don’t have to pack anything special. You’re only going on a short trip and most often will be gone for maximum the length the day. Therefore you can almost be certain about the weather and what to wear. For my microadventure to Dinant I kept my outfit pretty simple yet warm. Fall in Europe can get quite cold so a long coat and scarf are recommended! Spice up your outfit with some cool boots and a cosy sweater and you’re ready for your microadventure.



Add some fall looks

If you are still looking for some fall items to add to your wardrobe, I did a little online shopping and picked out some favorites:

Coats: I’m wearing a long coat from Selected Femme, one of my favorite brands (also worn here). Here are a couple more coats in the same style that will keep you warm.

Sweater: Ever since I boughed this sweater from New Look, I’ve been wearing it way too much. I couldn’t find the exact one online but did find some nice and cosy ones, also some with ruffles!

Shoes: Another favorite. I’m guilty of wearing these buckled shoes from Steve Madden way too often. I can honestly say I missed them during my travels over the past few years and was quite excited to see them again. A good buckled ankle boot gives so much character to an outfit that even the girlies look has a badass feel to it. Love it!





Photos by myself and Alisa H.

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