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Blogging requires you to be a bit of a computer geek. It might seem like a glamorous life but in reality we spend more time behind our computers than anything else. Writing text, looking for inspiration, editing photos, etc. Next to that you also get about a gazillion e-mails that you have to answer sooner rather than later. So sometimes it can turn into a bit of a chaos. There are however some tools in order to make life and blogging a bit easier. In this series, I’ll share my blogger toolkit. Websites, apps and technology that will make life a bit easier, whether you’re a blogger or not.

The first post of this series will be dedicated to Pinterest because it might be my absolute favorite blogging tool and also -arguably- the greatest invention of all time. It’s a virtual pinboard in which you can pin everything of your heart’s desire onto your own selection of pinboards (and it remembers the original sources of the photos). Pinterest is not only a terrific source of inspiration, it also helps you with writing content and broadening your audience

1. Inspiration

Pinterest allows you to follow people and for them to follow you back, to follow everything or just a couple of boards. It’s a great tool to get inspired and to help you to spot trends way before the rest of the internet has picked them up. By following online influencers (or just great pinners) or by searching via keywords, you can spend hours obtaining the best information the interwebs has to offer. Below you will find 10 of my favorite pinners and pinboards (in no particular order) filled with fashion, food, design, branding and wanderlust.

– Lucy Williams // A fashion journalist and blogger who pins plenty of travel pics, sartorial inspiration and great products. MoodboardGetaway and Style are must-follows.


– Beth Kirby // Mostly blogging about food on Local Milk, Beth pins about much more. My favorite boards are “Local Milk” and “Wear“.

– The FASH Agency // Often repinning from each other, it’s quite obvious that I had to share their boards with you. My hands down favorite board is “Tattoos“. You will also go pin-crazy with the boards “Bohemian Interior” and “Style“.

Blogging_tools_Tricks_Pinterest_The Fash Hash

– Free People // The experts in bohemian living, I love their blog and repin regularly from their boards. It’s hard to choose but “Free Spirit”, “She’s A Wanderer”, “Streetstyle Captured” and “This Must Be The Place “are just great.

– The Chronicles of Her // I only recently discovered this Australian blog filled with great personal style, great taste and helpful tips (be sure to check out the wavy hair tutorial). Favorites are “What To Wear On The Weekend” and “Home”.

– Kinfolk // One of my favorite indie magazines that is the perfect source of inspiration for recipes, entertaining and for discovering little cafes and restaurants abroad. Great boards are “For One” and “City Guides”.


– The Daily Dose and The Glitter Guide // Both of these boards are dedicated to the girliest of girly things. Lovely to look at and great to repin!

Blogging_tools_Tricks_Pinterest_The Daily Dose

– Julie Wijckmans and Elke Spelters // Two Belgian ladies that have collected a whole lot of followers and totally deserve it. You’ll find lots of design, branding, style, food and other inspiration that will make you drift off in a beautiful dream. Totally worth not being productive for the next hour or so.

Blogging_tools_Tricks_Pinterest_Elke Spelters

There’s also a couple of local bloggers that I would like to mention here. Among others, Patricia, Paulien, Dagmara, Stéphanie and Hannelore are great to add to your list.

2. During The Editing Process

Once you know what you’re going to write, Pinterest can still be a great blogging tool. It’s important that you organize and name your boards and pictures well, so you can find them easily. You also have the option of adding five hidden boards in which you can organize all the images you want to use. In this way you can bundle all inspiration and ideas for your next post, for the design of your blog and so much more. Call it a hidden visual notebook. Great to get hold of those original sources and you have all the visual images for your post in one place.

3. Build Audience

You can build your audience through several different methods on Pinterest. You can build your own social network and you can spread the content of your blog through the network. As Pinterest is a social media network you will also notice that when you start following and repinning, people will start following you back and repinning your pins. Consequently it is important to bring interesting content to your followers. Be active on the network and don’t pin solely from your own website. Also try to engage with the online influencers that I talked about in the first section. Follow, repin content and comment on their pins.

To use the network as a professional, it’s a good idea to verify your blog (an easy and quick way on WordPress is to use this plugin). It’s also important that people can pin straight from the website and/or repin from your boards. Therefore you should enable pinning from your website (by adding a pin-it button at the bottom or on every image) ànd pin your own content. In this manner, if all goes well, your content will spread and you will see your numbers rise (not that blogging is all about the numbers!).

However not everyone thinks it’s important to provide the correct sources for content. It could happen that you find one of your images wandering the internet without you being credited anywhere. Therefore it might be an interesting consideration to add a watermark to your pictures.

That’s is for Pinterest. In the next post, I will be going deeper into using other websites, apps, technology and more that might help you. I hope you like it!

Note: In this series I will not going to go deeper into the basics such as having a Facebook page for your blog and linking your Instagram and Twitter account to the blog but if this is something that you might be interested in let me know. You can do so by commenting or by sending me an e-mail to

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