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When Magali from StyleToday asked me to to write a few words on my favorite festival look, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. As you know, Patricia and I love to go to festivals and we’re just coming back from Rock Werchter. Every season I look forward to making a festival report on Coachella, Glastonbury and the likes. Because the interview is in Dutch, I wanted to recap a few of the highlights. If you can read dutch, you can find the full interview and much more pictures here.

What do you like so much about festivals and what makes a concert succesfull?

That you can finally see bands, that have inspired and entertained you, play a live set. One of the best moments for me is discovering a new band. Last year The Gaslight Anthem and Two Door Cinema Club blew me away and I still listen to them on a daily basis. For me a concert is a winner when I can dance and maybe also sing along. I’m well aware of who I want to see at a festival and was really looking forward to seeing Mumford And Sons, Florence + The Machine and Netsky (more on the actual experience later).

What is your favorite festival look when the weather is good?

Comfort is the main rule when picking a festival outfit. At festivals you can really do your own thing with boho themes, ethnic prints, etc. and that is partly why I love festival fashion. You can create an instant festival outfit with a maxi shirt, a pair of espadrilles, a cute top and a jeans jacket with the sleeves cut off. My ultimate favorite piece of clothing to wear at festivals is a pair of shorts. It gives you a lot of freedom (i.e. when sitting on the floor or walking over people) and you can vary from wearing your leather pair to a cut off jeans pair.

What is your favorite festival look when the weather is bad?

Layering is the key to having a festival look that can withstand bad weather. Also remember that the weather can turn around quite fast at summer festivals. Wear a dress with a pair of tights and choose to combine it with a shirt. When the weather turns around you can always roll up the sleeves or take it off. I also always take a light jacket or parka. Not too big to carry around and just the perfect amount of warmth.

What’s in your bag when you go to a festival?

I swear by shoulder bags. It’s ideal for moving through crowds, it’s not too heavy and you can hang your scarf and jacket around the straps. Necessary items to take with you are your phone, camera, sunscreen and sunglasses. I also take a small juice box and some kind of cookies, always convenient when you’re thirsty and you can’t get a drink.

On Styletoday you can find the full article with much more ‘tips’ and pictures.

All photo’s by myself, screenshot Styletoday

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Feature: Festivalfashion on Styletoday