How To Nail Your Airport Outfit

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The airport outfit is often one of the most difficult outfits to nail. The perfect airport outfit combines comfort with class. After all, if you want to get that upgrade, you might want to try to look the part.

There are so many options for airport outfits, but the perfect one will keep you warm and be pleasant to sit in for hours to come. It needs to be a flexible outfit in case you are travelling between two climates, needs to resist blasting aircon and will not hinder your sleep.

It is very tempting to grab your regular jogging pants out from under the bed and an oversized sweater. However, that’s not your only option. If you want to take your airport outfit to the next level, here are some tips that will make you nail your airport outfits.

Do note, that if you are backpacking, these outfits will also work for overnight buses, boat trips or even an overnight camping trip next to the road.

How to Nail Your Airport Outfits Every Time

Airport Outfit Rule 1: Comfort above all

Every now and again you see a woman pass by in the airport lounge wearing a pencil skirt, tight top and heels that go on forever. A good airport outfit? To me, that looks like the most uncomfortable airport outfit I can think of!

For any long haul flights, I want to feel comfortable enough to move around and have a sleep. Don’t forget that the cabin of a plane is pressurised and will, therefore, have an effect on your blood circulation.

How To Nail Your Airport Outfit
Jessica Alba is the queen of airport outfits (source: ASOS)
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
A big jacket can double as a blanket (Source: ELLE)

Airport Outfit Rule 2. Go for comfy shoes and take (compression) socks

Flying to head to an overseas festival?  Get your packing list here!

Travelling often involves a lot of walking to, around and from the airport and to your terminal and even to your hotel. In the wintertime, it’s a good idea to opt for nice boots with a low heel or sneakers. In the summertime, I usually swear by espadrilles or just the sandals I’m wearing.

Never forget to pack socks though! The first thing I do when I come onto an aeroplane is to knock off my shoes. With the air conditioning blasting as it always does, I usually end up putting socks on (and sometimes even two pairs!).

For flights that are longer than a few hours, you could even consider purchasing a pair of less than sexy compression socks which will help (again) the blood circulation in your legs.

How To Nail Your Airport OutfitsJessica Stein on Tuula 

How To Nail Your Airport OutfitsLily Aldridge on Who What Wear 

Whether it a nice white platform sneaker, a pair of boots or some leopard loafers, I would always stick with a flat shoe. There is honestly no need for heels on an airplane! Shop the great on-trend shoes that are perfect for a flight below.

Shop the look below:

Airport Outfit Rule 3. Go Big

To keep going with the comfort theme, oversized clothes are a good option for this occasion. Skinny jeans might look polished, but if they don’t have a certain amount of stretch in them, chances are you will be shuffling around in your seat trying to find a comfy position. Boyfriend jeans or well-cut jogging trousers are all perfect alternatives that still look stylish. I would also love to add a big hoodie and an oversized coat to this list. Not only will you be warm throughout the flight, you will be able to use it as a blanket or just to hide underneath.

How To Nail Your Airport OutfitsKarlie Kloss on Who What Wear

How To Nail Your Airport OutfitsEmma Stone in an oversized blazer on ELLE

How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Kate Bosworth getting comfy in a massive jacket (source: Who What Wear)
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Paulien Riemis wearing oversized looks like a boss

Get those key oversized pieces here:

Airport Outfit Rule 4. Take a Scarf

Scarfs are my best friend when it comes to flying. The bigger, the better!

I will always fly and travel with a scarf, even during summer! It will keep you warm in airconditioned rooms or busses and it will double as a blanket when the airplane blanket doesn’t cut it. Next to that, it can be a travel pillow or a way to not have to socialize with your neighbours.

How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Kendall Jenner and her sweater-scarf combo looks oh so comfy (source: unknown)
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Just like me, Gigi Hadid loves gigantic scarfs on a flight

Plenty of scarfs to take below:

Airport Outfit Rule 5. Finish with Accessories or a statement piece

Eyes red and hair messed up, that’s how I usually wake up on airplanes. The best solution? A pair of sunglasses and a hat of course! Not only are you hiding that you took off your make-up and your hair is a mess, but you will have an airport outfit that is ready to hit the town.

While I like to keep my airport outfits quite simple, accessories or a statement piece can make it look like I made an effort. A leopard coat for example or an on-trend tartan piece can do just that. A statement necklace or earrings are also easily removed on the flight and will give you just that little bit extra on arrival.

How To Nail Your Airport Outfitsdramatic leopard for Nicole Ritchie on ELLE, but one hell of a blanket on the plane!

How To Nail Your Airport OutfitsJulie Sarinana on @SincerelyJules

On-trend statement pieces below, shop away:

Airport Outfit Rule 6. Take an In-Flight Survival Kit

Once you have your outfit down, you’re halfway down the route to a perfectly comfortable flight. Before taking off, I will always make sure to have my own personal in-flight survival kit with me (which hasn’t changed much over the years from this one). This kit will stay intact during my whole trip as it contains everything regardless of whether I’m jumping on a bus, train or flight.

Aside from water (staying hydrated during flight is one of the most important things to do) I have the following items in my survival kit: An eye-mask, travel pillow (many travels and myself swear by the Sea To Summit gear), ear plugs (I swear by these wax ones), sink-in hydrating mask, lip balm, hydrating spray, wet wipes, painkillers, anti-nausea medication, eye drops, my birth control pill and allergy medication.

How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Diane Kruger puts her carry-on bag on a stroller (source: ELLE)
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Jessica Alba uses the same technique as me: Big check-in, small carry-on with all the essentials and a purse with passport, etc (source: ELLE)

Shop my fav travel bags here:

Airport Outfit Looks

If you get your basics right (aka comfortable), you can create your look by adding in a few of the styling tips I mention below. There are a few options to go through when you are choosing the perfect airport outfit.

The Styled-Up Active Wear Look

Just like Sarah Donaldson all the way at the top, you can go for a sporty look with leggings without looking like you just walked out of the gym. While active wear is one of the most popular weekend attires in many global cities such as New York and Sydney, there is no reason to not that look into the airport.
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Leggings, a loose top and my all-time fav shoes for Lily Aldridge‘s airport outfit
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
The best airplane outfit ever? Sara Donaldson on Haper and Harley

Find the pieces to put this look together here:

The Full Active Wear Look

Pro tip: Go for colour coordinated activewear to look the part.
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Nothing but fancy activewear for Kendall Jenner
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
An oversized coat, tee, scarf and leggings: Miranda Kerr can do no wrong (copyright: GVK/BAUER GRIFFIN/GC IMAGES)

Girlfriends and many more amazing active wear pieces that have been tried and tested below:

The Risky Jeans Look

How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Alexa Chung opts for a denim jumpsuit
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Diane Kruger combines 70s style denim with a tee for extra comfort

The Baggy Comfort Look

How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
Gigi Hadid is on trend as per usual (Source: Daily Mail)
How To Nail Your Airport Outfits
A great alternative to sweatpants is a silk trouser (Jessica Alba on Who What Wear)

Travel can be fashionable and comfortable with below pieces:

Feature Image: Sara Donaldson on HarperandHarley

 Alexa Chung by Who What Wear / Lily Aldridge on Le Fashion / Miranda Kerr on InStyle / Gigi Hadid on Who What Wear /

Disclaimer: This post was first published on the 1st of October, 2015 and has been republished and completely redone to give you the most accurate information. This post contains affiliate links which means that I will earn a small commission if you buy something. This comes at zero extra cost for you and is a way to support me and the blog. Thank you!

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