8%20Unique%20Treehouse%20accommodation%20in%20NSW,%20Australia%20(Updated%202020)8 Unique Treehouse accommodation in NSW, Australia (Updated 2020)

8 Unique Treehouse accommodation in NSW, Australia (Updated 2020)

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Hold the phone, I have found my dream mansion. I came across photos of this mystery house in Bellengin, South Wales Australia, a little while ago but have been simply obsessed with it. I would love to find out which house it is in if I can rent a room in it. But seriously, how much does this look like paradise?


‘TIs%20The%20Season%20To%20Be%20Tanned:%20Christmas%20in%20Australia‘TIs The Season To Be Tanned: Christmas in Australia

‘TIs The Season To Be Tanned: Christmas in Australia

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You’re getting ready to warm up with some hot chocolate as the temperatures are lowering and the nights are becoming longer. As that first layer of snow falls, you’re planning secret Santa with your family and getting into the Christmas spirit. This is what I love. But oh wait, that’s not my reality this year (even though I heard it’s not cold in Belgium either). I’m traveling in Australia and will have to go a second year without my family this Christmas. Last year I still had a bit of cold in the mountains of Darjeeling, India, but this year I’m in full summer mode. That means water slides, barbecues, cold salads, air conditioning and walking around in flip flops and shorts all day, every day. This leaves me with the feeling of a shoe that doesn’t quite fit. Even though it is a reality for everybody living in the southern hemisphere, summer and Christmas do not seem like the most obvious match to me.


Amsterdam%20//%20Stout%20&%20Co.Amsterdam // Stout & Co.

Amsterdam // Stout & Co.

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Details are what separate luxury from the rest. While visiting the Amsterdam Bed & Breakfast Stout & Co. this is what was most eye-catching for us. Every corner you turn, window you look through or magazine you pick up, you find ingenious little details which come together in a perfect concept. In the bedroom for example you will find these little accessories referencing the West-Flemish heritage of one of the owners or the way the name “Stout” refers to the past of the building as a former brewery. It’s very exciting for the senses and made me feel like a very lucky blogger.


The%20Amsterdam%20Hotspot%20GuideThe Amsterdam Hotspot Guide

The Amsterdam Hotspot Guide

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While spending time in Amsterdam for business and pleasure, I had the opportunity to really discover the city. During the new year I’ve been back for about three times. When I had the opportunity to stay for a longer period of time, I got the chance to get a proper feel of the city. It’s difficult to do that when you’re just visiting. Spending a couple of week at least gives you a little bit the feeling of living abroad for a short time.


5%20Great%20Yet%20Simple%20Gift%20Wrapping%20Ideas5 Great Yet Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Great Yet Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

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When looking for Christmas gifts, I like to think about how I will wrap them this time around. I’m a big fan of the basic brown wrapping paper in stead of the store wrapping paper which immediately gives away the content of your special box. It’s the perfect blank canvas with which you have so many options of adding a personal touch. Here are a couple of great ideas that you easily try for this Christmas or for any other gift giving occasion.


Transition%20into%20fallTransition into fall

Transition into fall

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Living in Belgium, it’s next to impossible to ignore that we have a long stretch of bad weather ahead of us. But there is a…