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Amsterdam%20//%20Stout%20&%20Co.Amsterdam // Stout & Co.

Amsterdam // Stout & Co.

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Details are what separate luxury from the rest. While visiting the Amsterdam Bed & Breakfast Stout & Co. this is what was most eye-catching for us. Every corner you turn, window you look through or magazine you pick up, you find ingenious little details which come together in a perfect concept. In the bedroom for example you will find these little accessories referencing the West-Flemish heritage of one of the owners or the way the name “Stout” refers to the past of the building as a former brewery. It’s very exciting for the senses and made me feel like a very lucky blogger.


The%20Amsterdam%20Hotspot%20GuideThe Amsterdam Hotspot Guide

The Amsterdam Hotspot Guide

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While spending time in Amsterdam for business and pleasure, I had the opportunity to really discover the city. During the new year I’ve been back for about three times. When I had the opportunity to stay for a longer period of time, I got the chance to get a proper feel of the city. It’s difficult to do that when you’re just visiting. Spending a couple of week at least gives you a little bit the feeling of living abroad for a short time.


Amsterdam%20//%20Bakers%20&%20RoastersAmsterdam // Bakers & Roasters

Amsterdam // Bakers & Roasters

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Knowing locals in foreign cities is the best way to get to know the good spots. While I was working in Amsterdam I had the chance to meet up with my erasmus friends and joined them to my favorite New Zealander’s top brunch spot, Bakers & Roasters. This part New Zealand, part Brazilian restaurant is a little hidden gem in De Pijp and serves some great kiwi grub. Even though I’m not a coffee drinker, I’ve heard this place has one of the best cups in town. They want to bring the New Zealand specialty coffee culture to Amsterdam and are using Brazilian beans. The chai latte (and the green juice) however was also very delicious.