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If there is one piece of clothing I’ve been very happy to have in my backpack (aka suitcase) and an item you should include in your packing list as well, it is a raincoat. Yes of course, you need your bikini, shorts, etc. while traveling, but something a lot of people seem to forget is a raincoat. Why? probably because they’re going to warm countries such as Laos, Vietnam, India or Australia. Guess where I have used my raincoat? Laos, Vietnam, India and Australia. All these countries, known for their high temperatures, have spots with a lower average temperature or might be going through a wet season during your visit.

A travel-proof raincoat is small, windproof and light. With light I mean both in weight as in light to wear. Do not assume that you would only wear your raincoat when it’s cold and rainy. It’s perfectly possible that you’ll get stuck in a tropical downpour whilst sweating like a maniac. Here, you don’t want a jacket that seals in all the juices. On the other hand, when it is cold and rainy, you can simply layer other clothes underneath. Something you cannot do with a thick raincoat if it is warm and raining. Another element to look for is that the coat does no let in any wind. When it’s colder and wet, the wind is what makes you freeze your behind off. A windproof jacket will also be your best friend when you’re discovering countries via motorbike. The sun might be shining, but from the second you’re driving 70km/hour, you’ll be happy to seal yourself off from the cold wind.

I found it quite hard to find a beautiful raincoat that complies with all the elements I was looking for, until I came across this RAINS coat literally a week before I took off. Who doesn’t love Danish design, right? Stylish raincoats are out there, high end brands such as Burburry are known for it. Unfortunately designer wear does not make for good travel wear (unless you have cash to burn). Other brands that offer high quality products at a reasonable price include Hunter, Strutterheim and on the even more affordable side, you’ll find some good bargains at ASOS.

packing_list_raincoat_stylish_travel_India_PeriyarTigerreserve_rains_vans_elephants (13 of 17)

packing_list_raincoat_stylish_travel_Thakek_loop_Motorbike_laos_roadtrip_rooftopantics (15 of 25)

packing_list_raincoat_stylish_travel_halongbay_Hanoi_vietnam_rooftopantics (1 of 1)

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2. ASOS Rain Jacket
3. HUNTER Original Moustache Cape
4. K-Way x Maje Grey Noel Jacket
5. Strutterheim Stockholm Yellow
6. ASOS Pac A Mac

packing_list_raincoat_stylish_travel_Thakek_loop_Motorbike_laos_roadtrip_rooftopantics (17 of 25)

packing_list_raincoat_stylish_travel_India_PeriyarTigerreserve_rains_vans_elephants (16 of 17)

This jacket was kindly sponsored by RAINS

Other items worn in this post (top to bottom)
Ripped denim by River Island (find similar here)
Necklace by A Little Dot
Joggjeans by DIESEL
Sunglasses by Komono
Backpack by Osprey Ozone 70 Daypack
Shoes by VANS

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