Four%20Lessons%20Learned%20While%20Traveling%20for%20Four%20YearsFour Lessons Learned While Traveling for Four Years

Four Lessons Learned While Traveling for Four Years

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This weekend was all about celebrating friendship. For me personally, I was also celebrating four years of travel. For this occasion, I decided it was time for a brand new look for the blog! The previous design went online while I was in Vietnam (Dalat to be precise) about 3.5 years ago. It was time for an update! So here it is, the brand new design! I hope you love it as much as I do.


“Are%20you%20still%20blogging?”%20Starting%20over“Are you still blogging?” Starting over

“Are you still blogging?” Starting over

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A few months ago, a friend asked me whether I “was still blogging”. Almost offended and shocked, I reacted defensively and said that of course I was! I’ve been blogging for more than 8 years and it has become a part of my identity. The idea that somebody would think I stopped blogging seemed ridiculous to me!


Flying%20SoloFlying Solo

Flying Solo

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I’m writing this blogpost from the airplane that will bring me to Bangkok. The capital of Thailand, the first place I ever saw in Asia (or outside Europe for that matter) and the start of my South-East Asian trip back in January. I’m writing this post on the third time I take this journey and I am writing this because I’m flying solo (again). The question I get asked the most about traveling by yourself is, “Doesn’t it get lonely?”. To answer this question I would have to say yes and no…
Hello%20From%20Cairns,%20Again!Hello From Cairns, Again!

Hello From Cairns, Again!

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Hey guys, while I have been settling into Australian life yet again, the blog has been a bit quiet. But not anymore! Most of you might not realize but in order to write on a regular basis, one need a routine and some regularity. You need to stick around in one location for a little bit and preferably not live out of a hostel.


How%20Travel%20mends%20a%20Broken%20HeartHow Travel mends a Broken Heart

How Travel mends a Broken Heart

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It happens to the best of us and almost to all of us. This is a topic everyone has an opinion on and advice to give. Today I’m talking about heartbreak. No matter the reason you and your partner broke up, it’s always hard. The heavy feeling on your chest, the tears or the ‘not knowing what to do with yourself’. We’ve been through this before and it might not be the last time. The bad news? It’s not fun, but you’re going to have to go through this. The good news? You are going to get through this and you’ll come out on the other side as a stronger person.


Where%20the%20heck%20am%20I?Where the heck am I?

Where the heck am I?

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Where are you right now? Which country did you just see again? These are questions I get quite a lot and it doesn’t surprise me as I do tend to fall off the planet every now and again. I was a bit shocked to discover how long it had been since my last blog post. How did that even happen? I guess I was too busy traveling, A LOT. Sharing images of my travels through Instagram seems so much easier when you’re spending not more than two or three nights at the same location. Time for a personal update!