Seeing Clear with Polette

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I can’t believe how nice it is to actually see clear. See the thing is, I actually need prescription glasses or lenses and I never made the time to get them. This means that I’ve mist quite a few beautiful things in my life. As I was planning my long-term travel, being able to see was quite important (go figure, right!?). A little while ago I found the perfect prescription glasses but there was still a problem on sunny days. Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity when Polette approached me with the option of testing one of their prescription sunglasses.

There is a revolution going on in the world of prescription glasses that no longer accepts the high price points of the glasses you can find at opticians. Brands such as Polette are changing the market radically by eliminating certain steps in the supply chain of getting the glasses from the factory to the customer. As Polette skips the most expensive links in the process such as actual stores, the grocers and importers, they are able to deliver prescription glasses for a much, much lower price. A prescription pair of sunnies will normally set you back a couple of hundred euros whereas Polette is able to offer them starting from prices of 12,99 euro, which is crazy! A price point that is so low that I had to see them in real life to believe it.

Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (11 of 12)

Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (7 of 12)

Going through the website I was amazed at the amount of glasses and sunglasses you can choose. It can be a little overwhelming, but I finally whittled it down to the Vikki. After about two weeks, and just in time for my journey abroad, the sunglasses arrived. My first impression was that it was a bigger frame than I’m used to, but I quickly got accustomed to seeing myself in the mirror with my new bug-like frame. The prescription part of the sunnies was the second test and that was amazing! The feeling of walking around in sunny Belgium and later on in Thailand, Maleysia and now Australia and being able to see everything is so very nice! My new Polette glasses have definitely become my favorites to put on.

For me the experience of ordering the Polette sunglasses, even with my previous apprehension, was quite positive. The frames are a bit of a lightweight, but that is what you can expect with inexpensive frames made out of plastic. To me the quality of the glasses are priority anyway because it is extremely important to properly protect your eyes, especially in the sunny countries I’m visiting. All Polette sunglasses glasses have a 400 UV protection which you can definitely feel while wearing them. Another plus note is that mine give the world a beautiful color and they make sunsets even more spectacular.

What do you think of them? Would you order one on the website? Let me know if you do!

-Getting prescription glasses is an added option on the sunnies, you can perfectly order them like normal sunnies as well.-

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Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (10 of 12)

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Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (8 of 12)

Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (6 of 12)
Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (6 of 14)

Antwerp_style_outfit_Converse_polette_kimono (2 of 14)

Sunglasses // Vikki by Polette
Shorts // One Teaspoon
Top // New Look
Shoes // Converse
Kimono // from Ubud, Indonesia

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Seeing Clear with Polette