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Where%20the%20heck%20am%20I?Where the heck am I?

Where the heck am I?

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Where are you right now? Which country did you just see again? These are questions I get quite a lot and it doesn’t surprise me as I do tend to fall off the planet every now and again. I was a bit shocked to discover how long it had been since my last blog post. How did that even happen? I guess I was too busy traveling, A LOT. Sharing images of my travels through Instagram seems so much easier when you’re spending not more than two or three nights at the same location. Time for a personal update!


France%20//%20AvignonFrance // Avignon

France // Avignon

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So the very last post of French wines week, it has been a great ride. To close off the week I would like to introduce you to a couple hotspots in Avignon which are worthwhile your visit. Avignon is a medium large city in the south of France and has great cafes, restaurants and shopping. France has a much bigger restaurant culture than us since it is apparently also not very common to hang around in the bar all night. I had dinner in one of the most delicious restaurants, L’Essentiel.


My%20Rhône%20Valley%20ItineraryMy Rhône Valley Itinerary

My Rhône Valley Itinerary

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So now you know what I was up to, which was traveling around the area and have a sip of wine at every one of my stops. Isn’t that the best? If you’re looking to visit the area, here is the route that I took alongside the Rhône Valley. I started in Venterol and then slowly rode my way down to Avignon. At the bottom of the post you will be able to find all the exact addresses and a little map. Tomorrow I will share the spots that I discovered in Avignon!


How%20to%20Taste%20Wine%20Like%20A%20ProHow to Taste Wine Like A Pro

How to Taste Wine Like A Pro

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As I told you yesterday, my trip to the south of France was all about wine. They say that a wine grower doesn’t grow grapes, he grows wine. So what’s so special about growing wine you ask? When visiting the area it becomes very clear that wine making really is a labor of love. It takes a big investment of money and especially time. For example, it takes a farmer several years before he can even make living out of it’s new plants, they have to wait approximately 4 years for the vines to be strong enough. In some winemaking cooperatives (where farmers join forces to produce the wine) they even have to wait until the wine that is delivered gets sold to the end customer. They often say that one plants its vineyards not for himself but for his grandchildren.


Du%20Vin,%20du%20Plaisir%20et%20Le%20Mont%20VentouxDu Vin, du Plaisir et Le Mont Ventoux

Du Vin, du Plaisir et Le Mont Ventoux

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The word ‘vin’ sounds so much better than the English version ‘wine’ no? For those who don’t speak French, I will be writing about French wine, fun and a little bit of the Mont Ventoux. Like most of us, I don’t ‘know’ wine but I love to drink wine. When AToutFrance invited me to learn more about wine I almost immediately packed my bags and left to the South of France. I’ve been in France more times than I can count but apart from one visit to Bonnieux and Aix-en-Provence, the actual south is still a bit of a blind spot to me and specifically the area of the Rhône valley was a first for me. So with a key to a beautiful car in my hands, a dodgy GPS (that died halfway down my trip) and a very happy mood I took off. During the next couple of days I slept at beautiful B&B’s (or chambre d’hotes in French), met a wine grower in every little village I visited, drank -oh I mean tasted- delicious wines and eat great food.