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Traveler’s%20Gift%20Guide%20Under%2050%20EuroTraveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro

Traveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro

6 min read
Our family has a secret santa tradition which I love. It makes life so much easier to only have to buy gifts for one person. Now faith usually has it that you draw the one person from the family that you have no idea for. As I was brainstorming the present I wanted to get for my beloved family member, I also all of a sudden had to think about what I would like. You see, if you have a traveler in the family, thinking of a good present can be hard. You want to make sure that your traveling friend or family member can actually use or take their present, right?! Therefore I created a short and cheap traveler’s gift guide under 50 euro! Actually most of these gift ideas are even under 30 euros, how easy is that. Here we go:


Blogging%20Toolkit%20//%20The%20HardwareBlogging Toolkit // The Hardware

Blogging Toolkit // The Hardware

5 min read
Being a blogger without a serious amount of hardware can be quite difficult. During the first year of blogging for example I managed without a descent camera and a smartphone. Now I wouldn’t know how to make that work anymore. That being saying, blogging often doesn’t come cheap. In my blogging toolkit I have ready at all times my smartphone, my DSLR Camera, my laptop and an Ipad Mini. Having some or all of these tools have almost become quintessential as a blogger. Having slowly upgraded during the past years, here’s my experience as a blogger that is often on the go.