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How%20To%20Nail%20Your%20Airport%20OutfitHow To Nail Your Airport Outfit

How To Nail Your Airport Outfit

5 min read
The airport outfit is often one of the most difficult outfits to nail and for me that is certainly the case. It needs to combine a whole lot of comfort with style. It will need to keep you warm and be pleasant to sit in for hours to come because you will most likely end up taking a nap. It is very tempting to grab your regular jogging pants out from under the bed and an oversized sweater. However, that’s not your only option. If you want to take your airport outfit to the next level, here are some tips that will make you nail your airport outfit. Not only are these tips useful for flights, they will be your best friend in overnight buses, boat trips or even an overnight camping trip next to the road.


The%20Best%20Treehouse%20Accommodation%20in%20NSW,%20AustraliaThe Best Treehouse Accommodation in NSW, Australia

The Best Treehouse Accommodation in NSW, Australia

Location: , 1 min read
Hold the phone, I have found my dream mansion. I came across photos of this mystery house in Bellengin, South Wales Australia, a little while ago but have been simply obsessed with it. I would love to find out which house it is in if I can rent a room in it. But seriously, how much does this look like paradise?


Flying%20SoloFlying Solo

Flying Solo

5 min read
I’m writing this blogpost from the airplane that will bring me to Bangkok. The capital of Thailand, the first place I ever saw in Asia (or outside Europe for that matter) and the start of my South-East Asian trip back in January. I’m writing this post on the third time I take this journey and I am writing this because I’m flying solo (again). The question I get asked the most about traveling by yourself is, “Doesn’t it get lonely?”. To answer this question I would have to say yes and no…
How%20Travel%20mends%20a%20Broken%20HeartHow Travel mends a Broken Heart

How Travel mends a Broken Heart

6 min read
It happens to the best of us and almost to all of us. This is a topic everyone has an opinion on and advice to give. Today I’m talking about heartbreak. No matter the reason you and your partner broke up, it’s always hard. The heavy feeling on your chest, the tears or the ‘not knowing what to do with yourself’. We’ve been through this before and it might not be the last time. The bad news? It’s not fun, but you’re going to have to go through this. The good news? You are going to get through this and you’ll come out on the other side as a stronger person.


6%20Reasons%20to%20Pack%20a%20Hat%20on%20your%20next%20Trip6 Reasons to Pack a Hat on your next Trip

6 Reasons to Pack a Hat on your next Trip

4 min read
It’s often a practical question on whether to pack a hat on your next trip abroad. They are difficult to store, you might have to put them on your head during transit and do you even need it? I only started traveling with a hat (the lovely halfway through my last travels through South East Asia and Australia and was so happy to have it. So yes, I’m a big advocate of taking a hat with you and here is why


Penang%20Food%20Guide:%20Where%20and%20what%20to%20eatPenang Food Guide: Where and what to eat
Penang%20Food%20Guide:%20Where%20and%20what%20to%20eatPenang Food Guide: Where and what to eat

Penang Food Guide: Where and what to eat

Location: , 8 min read
The dream destination for everyone who loves food as much as I do must be Penang in Malaysia. The island with its small UNESCO protected capital, Georgetown, is a mix between different cultures and offers varieties on Indian, Chinese and Malay food. A blend between flavors that you will not soon forget. You can start wandering around and I can guarantee you, most of what you will taste will be absolutely amazing! But what if you’re limited on time and you want to try the best Penang has to offer. Read on for where and what to eat in my Penang Food Guide!