8%20Unique%20Treehouse%20accommodation%20in%20NSW,%20Australia%20(Updated%202020)8 Unique Treehouse accommodation in NSW, Australia (Updated 2020)

8 Unique Treehouse accommodation in NSW, Australia (Updated 2020)

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Hold the phone, I have found my dream mansion. I came across photos of this mystery house in Bellengin, South Wales Australia, a little while ago but have been simply obsessed with it. I would love to find out which house it is in if I can rent a room in it. But seriously, how much does this look like paradise?


How%20to%20Find%20an%20Amazing%20Hostel%20while%20TravelingHow to Find an Amazing Hostel while Traveling

How to Find an Amazing Hostel while Traveling

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The best way to meet people all over the world is hands down by staying in hostels. For some of you, sleeping in a room with several strangers might not seem like the most appealing thing in the world. I don’t even feel like it sometimes. However there are a lot of benefits and there are a lot of good hostels! Hostels that give you privacy, have clean and lovely bathrooms, plenty of space to put your gear and with a new group of friends within reach. How to find an amazing hostel while traveling is not too difficult, you just have to use your common sense, read reviews and use below pointers. During my South East Asian travels, I spent most of my time in hostels. In Australia I have interchanged hostels with Couchsurfing and staying with friends. This however allowed me to figure out what is really important and what gives hostels that something extra. For those who haven’t travelled as much, or those who don’t really know what to look for, this article is for you!