Draw%20the%20Perfect%20Cat-Eye:%20Learn%20from%20Lauren%20Conrad%20and%20Alexa%20ChungDraw the Perfect Cat-Eye: Learn from Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung

Draw the Perfect Cat-Eye: Learn from Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung

3 min read

I’ve have been a loyal fan of the cat-eye look for about three years now. I had gotten quite fast at it, but it was always a bit of a mess before I got it perfectly. While browsing through The Beauty Department, one of my favorite sites for all things beauty, I discovered a Lauren Conrad tutorial on how to draw the perfect cat-eye.


Traveler’s%20Gift%20Guide%20Under%2050%20EuroTraveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro

Traveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro

7 min read

Our family has a secret santa tradition which I love. It makes life so much easier to only have to buy gifts for one person. Now faith usually has it that you draw the one person from the family that you have no idea for. As I was brainstorming the present I wanted to get for my beloved family member, I also all of a sudden had to think about what I would like. You see, if you have a traveler in the family, thinking of a good present can be hard. You want to make sure that your traveling friend or family member can actually use or take their present, right?! Therefore I created a short and cheap traveler’s gift guide under 50 euro! Actually most of these gift ideas are even under 30 euros, how easy is that. Here we go:


What%20to%20Pack%20for%20a%20Surfing%20TripWhat to Pack for a Surfing Trip

What to Pack for a Surfing Trip

Location: 3 min read

I spent most of my time in Bali surfing. For about a week, my time at Solid Surf House was divided between two yoga sessions and six hours of surfing every day. It felt great to be so physically active. The combination of surfing and yoga trained my entire body (more than I ever expected) and even though I enjoyed spending the entire day in the water, it was also pretty exhausting. I had to make sure I took good care of my body so I would have the energy to get up on my board. I got plenty of sleep, ate good food and always took a beach bag with me filled with my essentials.


The%20Essential%209%20Piece%20Travel%20Make%20Up%20KitThe Essential 9 Piece Travel Make Up Kit

The Essential 9 Piece Travel Make Up Kit

6 min read

Imagine, you’re planning your next trip abroad. What should you to take? A bikini or two for sure, a pretty dress for at night and … make-up? Of course! Why should you leave your make-up at home if you like wearing some on a regular basis? However you might need to rethink your daily routine. Heavy or dark coverage doesn’t work so well on holiday and it might be a good excuse to embrace a more natural look. Moreover your skin will be happy to have a little breather.


The%20in-flight%20survival%20kitThe in-flight survival kit

The in-flight survival kit

3 min read

As you might have guessed from my New York Wishlists, I’m flying to New York on Saturday. I’m planning on arriving as fresh as possible in New York to be able to go straight to my NYC birthday dinner. In order to do that, there are some preparations needed because I’m not leaving without my in-flight survival kit. These are all the essentials that you will need to make the flight as pleasant as possible and arrive just as fresh as when you go on board.


Transition%20into%20fallTransition into fall

Transition into fall

3 min read

Living in Belgium, it’s next to impossible to ignore that we have a long stretch of bad weather ahead of us. But there is a…