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9%20Tv-Shows%20and%20Movies%20That%20Will%20Inspire%20You%20to%20Travel9 Tv-Shows and Movies That Will Inspire You to Travel

9 Tv-Shows and Movies That Will Inspire You to Travel

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In the years before I started traveling I often got lost in a dreamworld of my favorite tv-shows or movies that would take me away to far away places. Fiction shows or documentaries that show certain locations always got me hooked. Even to this day, in which I have found myself in my own fantasy, I look to these shows to inspire even more travel. I love using them as inspiration for where I want to go in the world, what I need to eat in a new location or just to reconfirm why this travel thing is all worth it. So now, here is my list of tv-shows and movies that inspire you to travel


New%20York%20//%20The%20Butcher’s%20DaughterNew York // The Butcher’s Daughter

New York // The Butcher’s Daughter

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My first New York brunch was at a spot that was on my to-visit list for a while, The Butcher’s Daughter. Good thing my friend Anna-Belle had the same idea. Right in the middle of Nolita, we had the perfect sunny brunch whilst amusing ourselves with some people watching.


New%20York%20Instagram%20DiaryNew York Instagram Diary

New York Instagram Diary

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A couple of weeks have past since my New York adventure. As it was my first trip to the city, I was so very excited. The city perfectly filled my expectations, and something I didn’t expect, it made me feel right at home. However 7 days is definitely not enough to explore the city thoroughly, I almost literally ran from one borough to the next, attempting to visit 2 each day. I spent a lot of time wondering around on my own, which actually might be my favorite way to explore a city, but you’ll never feel alone here.


My%20New%20York%20Wishlist:%20The%20ShopsMy New York Wishlist: The Shops

My New York Wishlist: The Shops

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We’ve covered the touristy must-visits spots, we’ve covered the food and the drinks, but of course New York is also all about shopping. They have the most beautiful flagship stores, the best little vintage shops, the biggest health food stores (ok that might also be in LA) and great flea markets.


My%20New%20York%20Wishlist:%20The%20DrinksMy New York Wishlist: The Drinks

My New York Wishlist: The Drinks

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I have a feeling that the city that never sleeps will suit me perfectly. Since I treated myself to this NY trip as a birthday present, I will be celebrating while there. You hear so much about rooftop bars and rooftop parties that I’m really looking forward to attending my first one.


My%20New%20York%20Wishlist:%20The%20FoodMy New York Wishlist: The Food

My New York Wishlist: The Food

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New York screams great brunch spots, amazing dinner places, street-food and fresh juicebars to me. I’m very curious to see how long the lines are actually going to be to get some food and how difficult it is to get a reservation in a popular spot.