Traveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro

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Our family has a secret santa tradition which I love. It makes life so much easier to only have to buy gifts for one person. Now faith usually has it that you draw the one person from the family that you have no idea for. As I was brainstorming the present I wanted to get for my beloved family member, I also all of a sudden had to think about what I would like. You see, if you have a traveler in the family, thinking of a good present can be hard. You want to make sure that your traveling friend or family member can actually use or take their present, right?! Therefore, I created a short and cheap traveler’s gift guide under 50 euro! Actually most of these gift ideas are even under 30 euros, how easy is that. You can hover over some of the links and see the price. You can even click them straight into your basket, how cool is that!

Here we go:

Traveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro

The Electronics

The big difference between traveling in current times and when my sister was backpacking 10 years ago is definitely the electronics department. I remember how she hopped between internet cafés whereas I had plenty of electronics right in my carry-on (find out how to keep them safe here). Even though most of the electronics on my wish list are well above 50 euro, a couple of them are a lot more affordable!

1. A Portable Charger or Battery Pack

There are many portable chargers available on the market within the 50 euro budget. My eye was drawn to the Aedon A8 Portable Power Bank. When choosing battery packs, you want to look for the battery with the highest amount of milliamperes (mAh) in the battery. The more mAh, the more and longer your charger will last and the bigger the amount of devices it can charge.

The Aedon A8 has a capacity of 20.000mAh, is priced at just 25 euro (coming from over 100 euros) and has several good reviews on Amazon. I also like this charger is because it has a solar panel. If you’re planning to do some road tripping or camping while traveling, a solar panel can come in handy. Especially in a country such as Australia! Passing through Japan over the summer, I definitely kept my eye out for a good battery pack. There were plenty around!

Technology has evolved so far that you can now also buy portable chargers that will charge your phone, Ipad and even your Macbook. As I found myself without juice for my mac quite regularly, I’m holding off for one of these more expensive battery chargers.

2. Universal Adapter

One can simply not travel without a universal charger. I lost count of how many I’ve actually lost during my travels (I’m not very good with small objects), so I’m on the hunt for a new one. What you want to look for is a converter that works across the world. I found this plug by Kinden for only 19 euro. A steal as they come at a much higher price when you’re buying them in the airport. Another major plus are the two USB sockets. I used to travel with one without USB and this just saves you from taking the connecting power plugs. More space equals a happier traveler!

I’m actually not finished yet with praising this adapter, even though I haven’t even tried it yet. It has, wait for it … an adapter for in the car! This means that you can easily charge your phone through the cigarette lighter in the car. However, because it is a universal adapter, you can even plug in your actual plugs. Mind blown, right? If you think I’m an absolute nerd now, you’re totally right.

3. Remote Control for Canon

Have you figured out I lose a lot of small items? Yes, this is one of them. Thankfully not the most expensive one. The remote control for a Canon camera is pretty awesome and super cheap (just 16 euro). Say goodbye to the days of running to be in the picture. The new challenge is to hide the remote in your hand.

The Girly Stuff

4. A Good Natural Mascara

About a year ago I tried to replace all my beauty and make-up products with natural products. I noticed that my body loved these natural replacements and I feel like I’m doing my part. This mascara by M3LL received excellent comments and looks like a good addition to every travel girl’s beauty kit.

5. A light moisturizer with SPF

While traveling it is absolutely crucial to protect yourself from the sun. I noticed, however, that not a lot of people put on sunscreen first thing in the morning. What you do put on first thing is a moisturizer. What better way to hit both targets, moisturizing and protecting, than with a moisturizer with added SPF. Really a must when traveling trough hot countries. I would easily take this light moisturizer from Clinique with me and am always on the look for more natural alternatives.

7. Good quality jewelry

Because you don’t want to take too many pieces with you while traveling, you’re better off taking a few high quality pieces with you. I usually take a few silver pieces and some more fun pieces with me. I came across this ear cuff by The Boyscouts and almost immediately splurged.


11. A Good Hat

This traveler’s gift guide wouldn’t be complete without an awesome hat. Taking a good hat with you on your travels is almost as crucial as putting on sunscreen. Ok, not really, but it is a pretty awesome piece to pack. Find out why I love taking a hat for travel here. I’m currently on the hunt for a new hat and this felt hat by ASOS is right at the top of my list.

travelers_gift_guide_hatPhoto by ASOS

The Added Extras

6. A Passport Cover

After traveling through 16 countries your passport begins to show its old age. You really don’t want a messed up passport as it is basically your most valued possession while traveling. Buying a good cover is step one in protecting your precious and it looks cute. I found these vegetable leather covers on Etsy which look pretty adorable. The supplier also has quite a big selection of covers including prints with world maps, all colors of marble and much more. You can even have them monogrammed!

8. A Scratch Map

I’ve seen these scratch maps in many homes and always think they’re great. I’ve also seen plenty of cheating going on, but I’ll let that one pass. These maps are great because they offer a budget option in showing off to your house guests where you’ve been in the world. You would want to visit a new country if only to scratch another country off your 18 euro map.

9. A Good Guidebook

Now, I’m not the one that carries around heavy travel guides, but when it comes to city trips, a good book can be an awesome addition. I spotted these guidebooks by CITIX60 in Paris and did my best to resist them. Curated by 60 artists and creatives, this guidebook will lead you straight to all the hipster spots in town. Next to these guide books, I also love the Wallpaper* and Petite Passport guide books.

10. A Whimsical Travel Journal

Part of the fun of travel is keeping memories. Before I left, my sister gave me the best travel journal of all time (homemade) and I have been doing my best to keep up with the journal ever since. Browsing Etsy there are plenty of travel journals around. This journal by Kraft would be in the running if I was looking for  a new journal as it is simple and straightforward.

I find it so difficult to find a cute, funny and practical travel journal that I’ve been toying with the idea to create one myself. Is this something you guys would like?

travelers_gift_guide_travel_journalBuy the journal on Etsy

Some of the links in this traveler’s gift guide are affiliate links. This means that when you buy an item via my link I receive a small commission. You will not be paying anything extra. Buying through these links will only support me to run this blog and to find new content. Thank you!

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Traveler’s Gift Guide Under 50 Euro