The%20Best%20Inner%20West%20Breweries:%20Discover%20The%20Coolest%20Craft%20Beer%20Bars%20in%20Sydney,%20AustraliaThe Best Inner West Breweries: Discover The Coolest Craft Beer Bars in Sydney, Australia

The Best Inner West Breweries: Discover The Coolest Craft Beer Bars in Sydney, Australia

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Hopping between the best inner west breweries, trying out Sydney’s best craft beers and ciders, is one hell of a good afternoon! For me enjoying beer is highly related to the circumstances I’m drinking it and these cool craft beer bars did the trick for me. I would not expect you to trust my beer tasting pallet though, so I tagged along on an inner west brewery tour and my resident beer tasting panel, aka the other guests on the tour, most definitely approved of a good Sunday Bevvie. In this article, we discover the best inner west breweries that are serving Sydney’s best craft beers in a beautiful setting.


A%20Perfect%20Weekend%20in%20AntwerpA Perfect Weekend in Antwerp

A Perfect Weekend in Antwerp

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There is one Belgian city that holds a special spot in my heart, Antwerp. It is the Fashion and Diamond capital of Belgium and it is such an awesome city. Antwerp is all about fashion, hip new coffee bars and has an excellent nightlife. Having lived here for five years, I’ve spent many perfect weekends here between my 9 to 5. Therefore it’s the ideal city to spend a weekend away from home. The best time to visit most European cities is in the summer time and this is no different for Antwerp. With pop-up concepts spread all across the city and plenty of greenery, the city is lively, exciting and relaxing all at once. With Belgian’s national holiday coming up on the 21st of July, I decided to create my perfect weekend in Antwerp. It was so difficult to pick and choose as there is so much more to experience. This weekend is pretty perfect as it is, but I do think you should come back one day and do the rest. I hope you enjoy it!


Take A Microadventure to Dinant

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When my Sunday afternoon plans fell through, I looked at one of my best mates and we decided to jump in the car and take a microadventure to Dinant. The term microadventure was first invented/claimed by adventurer Alastair Humphreys and can be defined as a “short, simple, local, cheap adventure”. It means that you can jump in the car or on the train and you don’t have to spend half a fortune on a plane ticket across the world. For me, these micro adventures are a way of life. There is nothing I love to do more than to inject a little bit of adventure into daily life. That is certainly the reason I love traveling so much. Every day is an adventure!


Travel%20Guide%20to%20Newcastle,%20New%20South%20WalesTravel Guide to Newcastle, New South Wales

Travel Guide to Newcastle, New South Wales

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The famous East Coast trips of most travelers skip Newcastle and not unlike Brisbane, it has a reputation of being boring and less interesting than Sydney or Melbourne. While both capital cities are very vibrant and beautiful, so is Newcastle. The city is a great stop on most people’s travels or is a perfect weekend getaway for other Australians. Therefore I would love to invite you into my travel guide to Newcastle, New South Wales. It is full of foodie goodness, outdoor activities and espresso martinis. Nobody put’s baby in the corner.


My%20New%20York%20Wishlist:%20The%20ShopsMy New York Wishlist: The Shops

My New York Wishlist: The Shops

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We’ve covered the touristy must-visits spots, we’ve covered the food and the drinks, but of course New York is also all about shopping. They have the most beautiful flagship stores, the best little vintage shops, the biggest health food stores (ok that might also be in LA) and great flea markets.


My%20New%20York%20Wishlist:%20The%20DrinksMy New York Wishlist: The Drinks

My New York Wishlist: The Drinks

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I have a feeling that the city that never sleeps will suit me perfectly. Since I treated myself to this NY trip as a birthday present, I will be celebrating while there. You hear so much about rooftop bars and rooftop parties that I’m really looking forward to attending my first one.