Where the heck am I?

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Where are you right now? Which country did you just see again? These are questions I get quite a lot and it doesn’t surprise me as I do tend to fall off the planet every now and again. I was a bit shocked to discover how long it had been since my last blog post. How did that even happen? I guess I was too busy traveling, A LOT. Sharing images of my travels through Instagram seems so much easier when you’re spending not more than two or three nights at the same location. Time for a personal update! Since my last blog post I took off for Japan and spent more than three weeks exploring the country. I hopped my way across Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi to finally reach my final destination for August which was home.

Did I mention it was reaaaaally hot in #Kyoto today? I wouldn't have survived without my little waiver and bandana! In the background, my favorite spot so far in the city, #nijocastle! Just amazing and a great garden too.

An obligatory stop at #Shibuya crossing and I have to admit, it was a mighty fascinating event to watch! #Tokyo #Japan

So this just happened, me and my new best friend Rudolphine (I'm pretty sure she's a lady). Nara is a great little place but now it's time to move on. On to Wakayama!

What a great way to end my time in #HongKong, the rain had just stopped for me and my awesome new travel buddy @amandaeatscarbs! Be sure to check out this view the next time you are in this amazing city Coming back home has been an amazing roller coaster of spending time with my family, seeing some friends and falling in love with Europe again. It really takes going away to realize how beautiful it actually is here. With a good friend we spent a full five minutes staring at the city hall of Leuven and appreciating its beauty. My time back home wasn’t too long. After about two weeks of hopping between Antwerp and Leuven, I picked up one of my cherished Australian friends from the airport for a tiny Europe trip. How to cram the best of Europe in only 11 days, impossible right? We decided on taking it easy and driving a beautiful car across Belgium to Paris, the south of France and down to Rome in Italy. It was actually pretty amazing as I clearly had forgotten how beautiful Europe actually is! I will be buckling down and writing about all these beautiful destinations. I have so much content of the past two years that I still need to share with you and frankly I don’t want to sit on all those photos and tips anymore! I’d also love to know what you have gotten up over the summer, comment below to let me know!

The list of what I am grateful for today was too long for my #fiveminutejournal. Let's do that again tomorrow! #Portofino #ligure

Such a sucker for #cacti. Can't believe these #pricklypear are regarded as weeds in #Australia! What are your favorite plants? #riomaggiore #cinqueterre

No words on how much I love this beautiful area and the people that allowed us to stay here. So many good memories and making some more! ✨ #bonnieux #luberon #southoffranceThe list of what I am grateful for today was too long for my #fiveminutejournal. Let's do that again tomorrow! #Portofino #ligure

What an awesome view we had in #Paris #cercledesarmes #placedesaintaugustin #8tharrondissement

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Planning a trip to Japan
Where the heck am I?