How To Nail Your Airport Outfit

Posted on January 28, 2016


The airport outfit is often one of the most difficult outfits to nail and for me that is certainly the case. It needs to combine a whole lot of comfort with style. It will need to keep you warm and be pleasant to sit in for hours to come because you will most likely end up wanting to rest. It is very tempting to grab your regular jogging pants out from under the bed and an oversized sweater. However, that’s not your only option. If you want to take your airport outfit to the next level, here are some tips that will make you nail your airport outfit. Not only are these tips useful for flights, they will be your best friend in overnight buses, boat trips or even an overnight camping trip next to the road.

1. Comfort above all

Every now and again you see a women pass by in the airport lounge wearing a pencil skirt, tight top and heels that go on forever. A good airport outfit? I don’t know, I hope for her that she has a hot date waiting at the airport to pick her up (not that you would only dress like that for a man). This, however, is not how I would like to dress for a long trip. For any long haul flights I want to feel comfortable enough to move around and have a sleep. Moreover, with the pressure differences from the cabinet, your blood circulation likes comfort as well.




2. Go for comfy shoes and take (compression) socks

Traveling often involves a lot of walking, to, from the airport and to your terminal and even to your hotel. In the wintertime it’s a good idea to opt for nice boots with a low heel or sneakers. In the summer time I usually swear by espadrilles or just the sandals I’m wearing. I’ll never forget to pack socks though. The first thing I do when I come onto an airplane is knock off my shoes. With the air conditioning blasting as it always does, I usually end up putting my socks on (and sometimes even two pairs!). For flights that are longer than a few hours, you could even consider purchasing a pair of less than sexy compression socks which will help (again) the blood circulation in your legs.





3. Go Big

To keep going with the comfort team, oversized clothes are a good option for this occasion. Skinny jeans might look polished, but if they don’t have a certain amount of stretch in them, chances are you will be shuffling around in your seat trying to find a comfy position. Boyfriend jeans, well cut jogging trousers or joggjeans are all perfect alternatives that still look stylish. I would also love to add an oversized coat to this list. Not only will you be warm throughout the flight, you will be able to use it as a blanket or just to hide underneath.






4. Take a Scarf

Scarfs are my best friend when it comes to flying. The bigger, the better! In wintertime you will probably have one with you, but even in summer this is a crucial part of my in-flight kit. Just as the jacket above, it will keep you warm and it will double as a blanket when the provided one just doesn’t cut it. Next to that, it can be a travel pillow or a way to not have to socialize with your neighbours.




5. Finish with Accessories

Eyes red and hair messed up, that’s how I usually wake up on airplanes. Very sexy, indeed. The best solution? A pair of sunglasses and a hat of course. Not only are you hiding that you took off your make-up and your hair is a mess, but you will have an airport outfit that is ready to hit the town.



6. Take an In-Flight Survival Kit

Once you have your outfit down, you’re halfway down the route to a perfectly comfortable flight. Before taking off, I will always make sure to have my own personal in-flight survival kit with me (which hasn’t changed much over the years from this one). This kit will stay intact during my whole trip as it contains everything I need to jump on a bus, train or flight easily. Aside from water (staying hydrated during flight is one of the most important things to do) I have the following items in my survival kit. An eye-mask, travel pillow, ear plugs (I prefer wax ones), sink-in hydrating mask, lip balm, hydrating spray, wet wipes, painkillers, anti-nausea medication, eyedrops, my birth control pill and allergy medication.





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