Great Road Trip Ideas

Posted on February 28, 2016

I’ve always had a deep love for road trips. Having traveled by land for most of my time in Australia, this affection for long hours of driving, listening to great tunes or podcasts for ever and not knowing where you will end up has only grown. Australia, however, is not the only country to do amazing an inspiring road trips. I’ve been longing for a long time to drive across America, eat my way through Italy or take a motorcycle through Vietnam and Laos. With so many places to go, here is a very incomplete list of European, Australian and South-East Asian road trip ideas for you: Continue Reading

London // Caravan

Posted on October 28, 2014

Discovering all those great spots in Amsterdam reminded me that I still had to share the amazing restaurant Caravan in London. You wouldn’t expect the area around King’s Cross to be hot and happening but it is! A lot of cool new places are opening up and you can even find Central Saint Martin’s, University of Arts here. Among these hip new hotspots is Caravan on Granary Square. I found this because I was looking for a quick (but nice) bite to eat near the station from which we were heading home with Eurostar. I was very surprised by all the hotspots I found such as Shrimpy’s and Grain Store but chose to pay Caravan a visit in stead. Continue Reading

London Instadiary

Posted on August 27, 2014

This trip to Londen differed a little bit from my previous trips to the UK capital as I had plans to discover the Britsh countryside as well. So the little time I had in London I wanted to spend wisely, Shoreditch it was. The area has been one of the hippest areas in town for some time now but is rumered that it has passed its peak. Dalton, Hackney Wick, Haggerston and other areas starting with H are tipped as op-and-coming and let’s not forget King’s Cross. In Shoreditch on Saturday I focused on a nice lunch in Albion, cocktails in The Boundary (who are conveniently located in the same builing), shopping in Boxpark (where Alex from Fashercise now has a pop-up!) and a walk in Hoxton. Continue Reading

Three Green Antwerp Getaways

Posted on August 14, 2014

As you all know I love living in Antwerp. If there is one thing that I feel Antwerp is a bit short on, it is greenery. The urban life is a pretty amazing one but I do need some nature once and a while. If you’re looking for that in Antwerp, you can head out to Park Spoor Noord or Middelheim Park, both a bike ride away from the center. Greenery in the city itself, like you can find in cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and New York, is missing. I usually head out to watch the Schelde if I need a hit of nature. Sitting on the concrete banks of the river you sometimes wish that the concrete would make way for more green. I’m happy not to be alone in this search for green and love the summer options in green Antwerp getaways. These three getaways in particular are worth a visit. Continue Reading

Route de France Instadiary

Posted on July 29, 2014

I just arrived back in Belgium and wanted to share the first part of my -almost- three week long France journey. I have to admit that I loved it so much it made it kind of hard to come back. My trip started out in Bonnieux with my gorgeous girlfriends, I fitted in a weekend in Paris and ended up more in the Indre province of France with my family, dogs and some fun airplanes. The highlights definitely were way too many wines with my girls, unexpected new friends along the way and 2 flight. A big thank you to Gert and Guillaume for taking me up in the air! Continue Reading

Hipster City Cologne

Posted on July 4, 2014

A little while ago Thalys invited to discover Cologne with them. Cologne in Germany? It made me think of Christmas markets and not much else. Needless to say I wasn’t really impressed. That’s until I starting talking to people in Antwerp about my upcoming adventure in Germany. Everybody who went there was extremely excited, especially about the Belgian Quarter. With some tips in my planner from the lovely Tine from Tinsel, I hopped on the Thalys. First class I might add, and that doesn’t suck! I’ve found that traveling by Thalys is quite a pleasant way to go around Europe. It doesn’t take you too long, the train stations are often located right in the city center (as opposed to the airports), it’s very pleasant to sit in and you get to see the landscape changing. Continue Reading

France // Avignon

Posted on May 16, 2014

So the very last post of French wines week, it has been a great ride. To close off the week I would like to introduce you to a couple hotspots in Avignon which are worthwhile your visit. Avignon is a medium large city in the south of France and has great cafes, restaurants and shopping. France has a much bigger restaurant culture than us since it is apparently also not very common to hang around in the bar all night. I had dinner in one of the most delicious restaurants, L’Essentiel. Continue Reading