It’s Been A While

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Wow, I never expected to leave the blog behind for so long. It started with one bad WIFI connection and then another and another (not that I have been able to locate excellent wifi since) and then came the preparations for a new design for the blog.  That new design looks amazing and will come really soon but I didn’t want to leave the blog alone for much longer than I already have so here it is, finally a new post! I created so much content already traveling through India, Maldives, Laos and Cambodia already that I didn’t really know which post to start with first.  I decided to go for one of the outfit shoots that I did right at the beginning. These photos were taken on the houseboat that we took to travel through the Kerala backwaters around Alleppey. This was truly a beautiful start to get to know India and I’ll show you more about this soon.

Traveling to India you soon realize that covering up your shoulder and knees is part of the experience. If you do not, the locals will most likely find it disrespectful and therefore I also wanted to show you on the blog how I dressed in those days. Finding a long skirt in December right before I left was a bit of a challenge but this Zara skirt was my final savior. I have worn it a lot as it’s also perfect for some late night chilliness. This top I picked up on my last trip to Amsterdam at Weekday and well basically there isn’t much more to talk about in this outfit. Underneath I’m wearing my bikini which I used to jump into our rooftop pool which you’ve seen a glimpse of here.

I’ll be staying put at a Cambodian beach called Otress 2 to do some work (since it is also the first time in almost 2 months that I’m actually on my own) and hope to have several posts lined up for you in the next weeks!




Top // Weekday, find similar here
Skirt // Zara, find similar here
Shoes // Local French Market
Sunglasses // Komono Clement

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Hello From India
It’s Been A While