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Custom-Made%20in%20VietnamCustom-Made in Vietnam

Custom-Made in Vietnam

Location: , 3 min read
Imagine yourself a shop where you can have every piece of clothing or shoes made that you ever desired. Sound like a dream right? Well it’s not, that shop is called Hoi An, a small town in Vietnam. The home of a countless amount of tailors and shoemakers, you can basically have anything and everything custom-made for a very reasonable price. As a fashion blogger of course I couldn’t forgo this opportunity and started making a list of the items I had been looking for some time but could never found/couldn’t afford.
Haider%20Ackermann%20In%20FilmHaider Ackermann In Film

Haider Ackermann In Film

1 min read
Even before I started working for Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann I was a big fan of Haider’s work. This still continues so when I found this beautiful film, I had to share it. Haider Ackermann takes a trip back to Colombia, where he was born, with model Saskia de Brauw and director Vincent van de Wijngaard. I’m still hoping for the day that I find extra cash to buy a leather jacket from his collection.