Custom-Made in Vietnam

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Imagine yourself a shop where you can find every piece of clothing or shoes that you ever desired. Sound like a dream right? Well, it’s not, that shop is called Hoi An, a small town in Vietnam. The home of a countless amount of tailors and shoemakers, you can basically have anything and everything custom-made for a very reasonable price. As a fashion blogger of course I couldn’t forgo this opportunity and started making a list of the items I had been looking for some time but could never found/couldn’t afford.

1. The Blazer


I absolutely love blazers and am always looking for a good model, a little oversized with strong shoulders and long in the back. Not the easiest task I tell you. A blazer can do so much for your figure or can destroy it instantly. I’m not a fan of the very tailored classic blazers and prefer a more coat-like model that can easily be thrown over the shoulders and worn in the summer as well. A couple of my favorite ones are from Haider Ackermann (read amazing but too expensive) but these ones look amazing as well!

travelblog_tailor_HoiAn_vietnam_custommade_pink_Beige_blazer copy

2. The Long Kimono


Oh Kimono’s, I’ve been in a love affair with them for over two years (as you might have noticed here and here). I love them when they’re short, when they have a busy pattern or when they’re long to the floor. They are also the perfect piece of clothing to take with you when you’re traveling because they’re light and they protect you from the sun. I have a short one from H&M but I’ve been looking for a beautiful long one for some time now. As silks are quite affordable (though not 100% pure silk) I figured I would just have one custom-made. Just the way I like it.

travelblog_tailor_HoiAn_vietnam_custommade_Long_kimono1 copy



3. The High-Waisted Shorts

travelblog_tailor_HoiAn_vietnam_custommade_high_waisted_70s_ shorts

Traveling through Laos I picked up a local Laos skirt in the most beautiful pink patterned fabric. I soon discovered however that it was quite poorly made and that I couldn’t wear it. That’s when I decided to hold on to it until I came to Hoi An to have it remade into high waisted shorts. Finding the perfect photo of a pair high waisted evening shorts was a bit more difficult than I expected but I do love this pair Alexa Chung is sporting.

travelblog_tailor_HoiAn_vietnam_custommade_high_waisted_ shorts


4. The Dress


Last but not least, I’m flying home for a wedding! Two of my good friends are getting married in the beginning of May and I just couldn’t miss out on such a party. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to have and just hope these girls are going to be able to make it. The combination of a midi skirt with a halter crop top seems like the perfect sexy but understated outfit that I want. I might however will have to work on those abs before the wedding rolls around. Or I’ll just do a whole lot of diving and swimming in Indonesia, my next destination.

travelblog_tailor_HoiAn_vietnam_custommade_high_waisted_shorts_alexa_chung_instyle copy


How about you? Have you had anything made while traveling?

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