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Draw%20the%20Perfect%20Cat-Eye:%20Learn%20from%20Lauren%20Conrad%20and%20Alexa%20ChungDraw the Perfect Cat-Eye: Learn from Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung

Draw the Perfect Cat-Eye: Learn from Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung

3 min read

I’ve have been a loyal fan of the cat-eye look for about three years now. I had gotten quite fast at it, but it was always a bit of a mess before I got it perfectly. While browsing through The Beauty Department, one of my favorite sites for all things beauty, I discovered a Lauren Conrad tutorial on how to draw the perfect cat-eye.


How%20To%20Nail%20Your%20Airport%20OutfitHow To Nail Your Airport Outfit

How To Nail Your Airport Outfit

5 min read

The airport outfit is often one of the most difficult outfits to nail and for me that is certainly the case. It needs to combine a whole lot of comfort with style. It will need to keep you warm and be pleasant to sit in for hours to come because you will most likely end up taking a nap. It is very tempting to grab your regular jogging pants out from under the bed and an oversized sweater. However, that’s not your only option. If you want to take your airport outfit to the next level, here are some tips that will make you nail your airport outfit. Not only are these tips useful for flights, they will be your best friend in overnight buses, boat trips or even an overnight camping trip next to the road.


Custom-Made%20in%20VietnamCustom-Made in Vietnam

Custom-Made in Vietnam

Location: , 3 min read

Imagine yourself a shop where you can have every piece of clothing or shoes made that you ever desired. Sound like a dream right? Well it’s not, that shop is called Hoi An, a small town in Vietnam. The home of a countless amount of tailors and shoemakers, you can basically have anything and everything custom-made for a very reasonable price. As a fashion blogger of course I couldn’t forgo this opportunity and started making a list of the items I had been looking for some time but could never found/couldn’t afford.


Dress%20Code%20Festival%20FashionDress Code Festival Fashion

Dress Code Festival Fashion

3 min read

There are a few things in life that make my heart skip a beat. Music festivals are definitely one of those things. Anxiously I await the dates upon which sales start, I’m obsessively listening to the radio to hear the first names on the line-up and when I can’t make it to a certain festival, my heart dies a little bit. For me festivals revolve around the music, the atmosphere, the friends, the fashion and of course the dancing! We’re already well into the festival season and I already got the chance to go Couleur Café and Rock Werchter. Pukkelpop is coming up in little over a week and I can’t wait to choose what I’m going to pack and which bands I definitely have to see.


Peter%20Pilotto%20for%20TargetPeter Pilotto for Target

Peter Pilotto for Target

1 min read

The duo behind Peter Pilotto, who met at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, have gained worldwide recognition for their amazing play with patterns and colors. I love their designs and was pleased to find out that they have announced a collaboration with the American retailer Target.


The%20Tomboy%20MakeoverThe Tomboy Makeover

The Tomboy Makeover

3 min read

Recently my sister asked me to give her inspiration to update her style. Her style has always been very sporty and she really is the typical example of a tomboy. A couple of years ago I was able to convince her to start wearing mascara (and to comb her hair more often). More recently she cut bangs which look perfect with her eternal ponytail. But her closet still is quite young filled with hoodies, jeans (regular fit), converse and loads of color. Elements that are pretty cool but I did have some inspiration to update her look. While putting together this moodboard I really wanted to create a very casual look that fits her lifestyle of travel, working with animals and her adversity towards heels while being stylish, sexy and grown-up.