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Route%20de%20France%20InstadiaryRoute de France Instadiary
Route%20de%20France%20InstadiaryRoute de France Instadiary

Route de France Instadiary

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I just arrived back in Belgium and wanted to share the first part of my -almost- three week long France journey. I have to admit that I loved it so much it made it kind of hard to come back. My trip started out in Bonnieux with my gorgeous girlfriends, I fitted in a weekend in Paris and ended up more in the Indre province of France with my family, dogs and some fun airplanes. The highlights definitely were way too many wines with my girls, unexpected new friends along the way and 2 flight. A big thank you to Gert and Guillaume for taking me up in the air!


Gliders%20And%20CocktailsGliders And Cocktails

Gliders And Cocktails

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Having been brought up between gliders and pilots, I’m one of the few girls that thinks that “Top Gun” is a cultural must-see, knows the name of several types of clouds, knows the difference between a wooden and a plastic glider and can almost recite the pilot’s alphabet -I said almost-. This is the place where I learned how to ride a bike, built camps with people that are still my friends, learned how to park a car and even almost stole a tractor -the wheelies weren’t me-.




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I finally had my first film from my fisheye camera developed. A journey through Slovenia, Budapest, leisurely walks with my dogs, a family holiday in France and an amazing erasmus reunion in Amsterdam.