Gliders And Cocktails

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Having been brought up between gliders and pilots, I’m one of the few girls that thinks that “Top Gun” is a cultural must-see, knows the name of several types of clouds, knows the difference between a wooden and a plastic glider and can almost recite the pilot’s alphabet -I said almost-. This is the place where I learned how to ride a bike, built camps with people that are still my friends, learned how to park a car and even almost stole a tractor -the wheelies weren’t me-. We hung clothes in trees, I found a complete gardenset (chairs included) on my caravan one morning, have seen the most amazing thunderstorms and sang through the night in the middle of the airstrip.

Even though I’ve never actually learned how to fly, I still love being in the presence of airplanes and will always look up when I hear one flying over. As I said in my previous post, the second I step out of my car in French glider heaven, I’m instantly relaxed. If you’re still wondering what I’m doing there, here’s a short recap: sun, gliders, dogs, swimming and -well- cocktails. I hope you like the pictures, it’s the first and probably only time you’ll see gliders on a fashion blog.

/ Belgian National Holiday – I didn’t even know my father owned a flag, was quite amused by this /

All photos by me

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Gliders And Cocktails