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“Are%20you%20still%20blogging?”%20Starting%20over“Are you still blogging?” Starting over

“Are you still blogging?” Starting over

5 min read
A few months ago, a friend asked me whether I “was still blogging”. Almost offended and shocked, I reacted defensively and said that of course I was! I’ve been blogging for more than 8 years and it has become a part of my identity. The idea that somebody would think I stopped blogging seemed ridiculous to me!


Hello%20From%20Australia!Hello From Australia!

Hello From Australia!

3 min read
I finally made it to Australia, it has been a dream over 10 years in the making and I can honestly say I still can’t really believe it. After graduating some years ago, I was looking into flying across the globe but I got a job at a well-known fashion house and temporarily let go of the dream. However while I was working, I always felt Australia was calling out to me. A few months ago, the stars aligned and I saw my chance to leave Belgium. With a little detour through Asia (if you can call six months a detour), I have fallen in love with travel and finally reached the main attraction, the Land of Oz!