Birthday Wishlist Turned Moodboard

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A birthday always requires for some sort of birthday wishlist. As I’m currenlty plotting several plans, most of these wants are of a very functional -but beautiful- nature. Around this time last year I wrote this article which has played a very active role in the past year. I’m very excited about the up-and-coming year and look forward to spilling the beans to you as well. For now I will leave you with this moodboard, a little explanation below and the tips that you can find within this board. It won’t be that difficult to figure out!


From upper left corner to right bottom corner:

1. I’m currently discovering a new love for everything halter and lace or crochet. This bikini top has been high on my list for a while. I’ve asked a friend of mine who is an excellent knitter whether she could recreate this but for that I’m still in search of a pattern. I did however in the meantime find a very similar (maybe the same) bikini top and matching bottom by Spell Design.

2. A pearl earring with the opening to the front has also been on my wishlist for some time now. I discovered some nice ones at the opening of & Other Stories and still regret not buying them. In the meantime I did purchase some all metal ones at ZARA which you will be seeing in the next outfitpost. This pair, also by ZARA, however seems very tempting to me as it has a handy back closure.

3. The third item on my wishlist is more a combination of wants and wishes. Yes I am taking off to India very soon and since I only have a portrait lens, I’m looking for a better lens as to take the best travel photos. This photo also represent the blogger life to me. One of my wishes for the up-and-coming year is to work a lot harder on Rooftop Antics, bring you loads of content that inspires you and that you love and to let the blog grow. Oh and it also has a Chanel in it. Who doesn’t want a 2.55 I ask you!

4. No I don’t want an elephant, well ok I kind of do, but this is more about something I lost in the past year. When I was a little girl I was quite obsessed with elephants and my mom gave me the most beautiful and perfectly detailed silver elephant necklace pendant. I used to wear it constantly together with a Danish coin. They were my ultimate lucky charm. Earlier this year I lost my pendant in Amsterdam and my heart has never mended. To replace this lucky charm, I was thinking of adding another lucky charm. One of the more permanent kind.

5&6. Well these two don’t need any more explaining and might be your biggest clue. Oh but nr. 6 does have the most amazing Chloe Suzanna in the photo. They have been on my list for a LONG time and wouldn’t mind having them in my closet!

7. Again with the halter neck obsession. This Zimmerman bikini however is one of the most beautiful bikinis I’ve seen in a long time.

8. As I mentioned before, India is coming closer! To me travel is a lot about discovering other cultures and in India that means covering up. Knees and shoulder are not to be seen (bellies on the other hand). Therefore I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of colorful and preferably silk trousers that are light to travel with and to wear. This pair of Maison Scotch has stayed with me for some time now. They don’t carry it any more but I hope to find a similar one.

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Birthday Wishlist Turned Moodboard