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My%20Australian%20Road%20Trip%20SoundtrackMy Australian Road Trip Soundtrack

My Australian Road Trip Soundtrack

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When you’re driving around a country the size of Australia, which is bigger than Europe in its entirety, a well-curated road trip playlist is a vital part of your journey. Any memorable road trip stands or falls with unique locations, inspiring people and flawless entertainment. Having driven from Darwin down to Perth and from Perth all the way to Melbourne and back up to Brisbane, I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about what it takes to keep you going (we’re talking 4000+ km’s). You need tunes to wake you up in the morning, tunes to remember all those great moments and tunes to enjoy the sunsets you drive past. And when all else fails and you’re sick of those songs, you will need some good podcasts.


‘TIs%20The%20Season%20To%20Be%20Tanned:%20Christmas%20in%20Australia‘TIs The Season To Be Tanned: Christmas in Australia

‘TIs The Season To Be Tanned: Christmas in Australia

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You’re getting ready to warm up with some hot chocolate as the temperatures are lowering and the nights are becoming longer. As that first layer of snow falls, you’re planning secret Santa with your family and getting into the Christmas spirit. This is what I love. But oh wait, that’s not my reality this year (even though I heard it’s not cold in Belgium either). I’m traveling in Australia and will have to go a second year without my family this Christmas. Last year I still had a bit of cold in the mountains of Darjeeling, India, but this year I’m in full summer mode. That means water slides, barbecues, cold salads, air conditioning and walking around in flip flops and shorts all day, every day. This leaves me with the feeling of a shoe that doesn’t quite fit. Even though it is a reality for everybody living in the southern hemisphere, summer and Christmas do not seem like the most obvious match to me.


Eat,%20swim,%20chill,%20repeat.Eat, swim, chill, repeat.

Eat, swim, chill, repeat.

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Oh Don Det, how you calmed me down. Despite the fact that Don Det is an island in Laos, that there are stray cats, dogs and water buffaloes, that it has roosters and even a monkey stuck in a cage (so sad), it reminds me of a place in France that I love to visit. What makes it similar is the vibe and the people. Everyone is laid back and there to enjoy life. But apart from the occasional French baguette with eggs for breakfast, Don Det is actually very different from my little French town, as you can imagine.




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Getting invited for a rooftop party is always exciting (could you guess from the name of the blog?). The dress code for this week’s Cointreau Fizz Cocktail party was unconventional chic so I decided to go for this monochrome crop top and skort combination. Right before I left for France in the beginning of July, I picked up this cute MANGO crop top and have used every occasion to wear it. Combining it with a bottom that has a higher waist makes that almost everybody can wear this trend. Before heading over to the party, I stopped in Harmonie park in Antwerp for some snaps. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, there is a nice bar, L’Orangerie, in the park as well.
Route%20de%20France%20InstadiaryRoute de France Instadiary
Route%20de%20France%20InstadiaryRoute de France Instadiary

Route de France Instadiary

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I just arrived back in Belgium and wanted to share the first part of my -almost- three week long France journey. I have to admit that I loved it so much it made it kind of hard to come back. My trip started out in Bonnieux with my gorgeous girlfriends, I fitted in a weekend in Paris and ended up more in the Indre province of France with my family, dogs and some fun airplanes. The highlights definitely were way too many wines with my girls, unexpected new friends along the way and 2 flight. A big thank you to Gert and Guillaume for taking me up in the air!


Summer%20In%20AntwerpSummer In Antwerp

Summer In Antwerp

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Let me tell you about my wonderful weekend. As you might have noticed, I caved for the Birckenstock Arizonas but I really do love them! You know, when we have sunny weather in Belgium we just have to go outside. And the weather this weekend was kind of perfect and consequently also the rest of the weekend. Saturday I got the chance to see George Ezra play. I just love discovering new music. Of course I had heard of his current hit Budapest, but the rest of his set was even better. I had a bit of a music connesseur with me and we were both blown away. This boy (yes, he is only 20) was extremely charming, witty and had an amazing voice. My favorite songs of the set were ‘Cassy O’, ‘Be Lonely With Me’ and well … basically every other song.