My Australian Road Trip Soundtrack

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When you’re driving around a country the size of Australia, which is bigger than Europe in its entirety, a well-curated road trip playlist is a vital part of your journey. Any memorable road trip stands or falls with unique locations, inspiring people and flawless entertainment. Having driven from Darwin down to Perth and from Perth all the way to Melbourne and back up to Brisbane, I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about what it takes to keep you going (we’re talking 4000+ km’s). You need tunes to wake you up in the morning, tunes to remember all those great moments and tunes to enjoy the sunsets you drive past. And when all else fails and you’re sick of those songs, you will need some good podcasts.

This playlist contains most of the tunes that have gone straight to my heart and will always remind me of the wonderful times I’ve had in this country. During my trip down from Darwin through Kakadu and Lichtfield and ending in Katherine, Yannick and I got a little obsessed with quite a few songs. The playlist that was allowed to play to and from our work in Katherine Gorge was not a lighthearted matter. Sing-alongs such as “Hold Back The River” and “The Nosebleed section” by Australian legends Hilltop Hoods became a regular. Classics from Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen became an education and for when we felt a bit more corny “I Forget Where We Were” was and still is a go-to song. Even more after a special appearance of two fast moving airplanes over our car upon leaving town. During my work I got introduced to two popular songs about the Aboriginal struggle “Don’t Fight It” and “From Little Things, Big Things Grow”. I’m still sitting on the edge of the boat staring at the stars when I hear those songs.

The road trip from Darwin to Perth introduced Paolo Nutini into my life and skyrocketed the “Pina Colada song” to the top of the playlist. Nothing like climbing a mountain and belching out “If you like pina coladas” with three girls! The East coast, Tasmania and one major Flume fan, “Hermitude” has been the song I was looking for for ages (it’s good, listen to it). As I’m always trying to introduce Belgian bands to my fellow travelers, Triggerfinger, Amongster and Stromae were big hits, but it was Flemish-speaking band Bazart that was even able to even the Aussies with their “Gold”. As it is a two-way street, Australian classics were a given. “You’re the voice” (the unofficial Australian anthem) will always remind me of that drive up a Tasmanian mountain and “My Happiness” by Powderfinger has earned daily play points.

However sometimes, when you’ve been driving for seven days straight, even those songs can become old and something different is needed. Enter podcasts! I still can’t believe I only thought of this late into my infamous Nullarbor Plain crossing from Perth to Melbourne. Podcasts really are a saving grace to keep you awake and motivated when no songs can. I can highly recommend Serial for some very addictive listening hours (we even spent extra time in the car just to listen to the end), The Suitcase Entrepeneur for business motivation and lifestyle inspiration and Women Of The Hour by Lena Dunham for some kick-ass women power through your speakers.

As I will be driving for quite a few more km’s during this trip (the closest store is about 45 minutes away), I would like to ask you for some songs to add to my playlist. Or maybe you have another amazing podcast I should listen to. I’m currently doing my 88 days of farm work and would be trilled to discover a podcast that will make repetitive tasks go even smoother. Don’t hesitate to comment below, much entertainment karma will be provided!

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My Australian Road Trip Soundtrack