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Bangkok%20//%20Rocket%20Coffee%20BarBangkok // Rocket Coffee Bar

Bangkok // Rocket Coffee Bar

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It is time for a first on the blog as I have never written about a hotspot that I haven’t actually discovered and tested myself. When I came across photos Rocket Coffee Bar I thought it was going to be in San Francisco, Sydney, New York or Melbourne. To my surprise this new breakfast and brunch spot is situated in the Sathorn area, Bangkok.


How%20To%20Find%20The%20Perfect%20(Thai)%20Market%20SouvenirHow To Find The Perfect (Thai) Market Souvenir

How To Find The Perfect (Thai) Market Souvenir

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My personal favorite souvenir is a piece of jewelry but bags, shoes, shirts can also be original and good reminders of your trip. While I was traveling through Thailand I was overwelmed by the thousand of tourist focused stores selling the exact same dusty touristy things. Think cheap copied t-shirts, inexpensive Thai memorabilia and things like funny hats or glowing sticks. It is this kind of stores that make me think twice about the tourist industry. Do your best to look beyond these store and go hunting for the geniune and orgininal pieces. Be on the look-out for the sellers that are selling something authentic, making their own products or are collecting several small local brands.


Thailand%20//%20Elephant%20Nature%20ParkThailand // Elephant Nature Park

Thailand // Elephant Nature Park

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During my trip to Thailand I was determined to scratch “Touch an elephant from close by” off my bucket list. Ever since I was a little girl, the African elephant has been my absolute favorite animal. Something about their grandeur and the beauty of their language has intrigued me for many years. But I was in Thailand, so I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see the beautiful Asian elephant from close by.


To%20The%20Beach%20Pt.3%20//%20Koh%20TaoTo The Beach Pt.3 // Koh Tao

To The Beach Pt.3 // Koh Tao

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Koh Tao was the final stretch of my 3-week Thailand adventure. Being a bit disappointed with the fact that I couldn’t go diving, I wasn’t…


To%20The%20Beach%20Pt.%202%20//%20Koh%20Phi%20PhiTo The Beach Pt. 2 // Koh Phi Phi

To The Beach Pt. 2 // Koh Phi Phi

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Koh Phi Phi is such a gorgeous place on our planet that it deserves a post to itself. With my foot being messed up, I…


To%20The%20Beach%20Pt.%201%20//%20Ao%20NangTo The Beach Pt. 1 // Ao Nang

To The Beach Pt. 1 // Ao Nang

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Wow, so much has happend since my last post. I was so happy to see so much green and then finally the beach. My first…