My New York Wishlist: The Classics

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I’m visiting New York for the first time in less than 2 weeks time. Pretty crazy since I always think of New York as my kind of city even though I’ve never been there. I’ve always felt at my best in big cities,  I fell in love when living in Copenhagen (literally and figuratively) and love living in Antwerp. I know, those are definitely not the biggest cities in the world, so I’m very curious so see what New York is going to feel like. Can you sense my immense excitement?

When visiting any new city, the big touristic stops are almost always the first stops on your trip next to nice places to eat and drink. Even though I’m really looking forward to getting the feel of what being a New Yorker is all about (in 7 days, I know, it’s impossible), I will plan my trip around these staples. I look forward to seeing the builings, musea and parks that I know from so many movies, shows and photos. So here’s a short New York must-sees from a very touristic point of view:

1. Flatiron Building


I don’t know why but this has been one of my favorite buildings since I can remember. I like the shape, how it was built on a triangular plot, the style of the building and that it was one of the first skyscrapers (completed in 1902) in New York. The area also seems very interesting.

2. Central Park


I heard fall is one of the best times to visit NYC and especially Central Park. I’m positive that New York has several other great great parks, but this one will definitely be seeing my face.

3. Guggenheim Museum


Like the rest of these classics, The Guggenheim museum is a real New York Staple. For some reason this museum is the first one on my list, maybe even more for the actual building (architect Frank Lloyd Wright) than the expositions. There are free tours at 11am and 1pm daily.

4. The Brooklyn Bridge 


The link to even more things cool and happening. I still can’t decide whether I’m more excited to see everything in Manhattan of explore the creative hotspots in Brooklyn.

5. The High Line


A park created from an old freight railway line over Manhattan’s West Side. I love that in stead of letting this industrial element get rundown, they transform into into a green area.

Of course these are not the only touristy must visits for me, there’s Times Square, The Museum of Modern Arts, The Empire State Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and soooo much more. Dear god, where am I going to find the time.

// Photos / Original by Dreamers Can Never Be Tamed Unknown / Unknown / Photo by Ezra Stoller / Unknown / Princeton Architectural Press //


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My New York Wishlist: The Classics