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How%20To%20Nail%20Your%20Airport%20OutfitHow To Nail Your Airport Outfit

How To Nail Your Airport Outfit

5 min read

The airport outfit is often one of the most difficult outfits to nail and for me that is certainly the case. It needs to combine a whole lot of comfort with style. It will need to keep you warm and be pleasant to sit in for hours to come because you will most likely end up taking a nap. It is very tempting to grab your regular jogging pants out from under the bed and an oversized sweater. However, that’s not your only option. If you want to take your airport outfit to the next level, here are some tips that will make you nail your airport outfit. Not only are these tips useful for flights, they will be your best friend in overnight buses, boat trips or even an overnight camping trip next to the road.


6%20Reasons%20to%20Pack%20a%20Hat%20on%20your%20next%20Trip6 Reasons to Pack a Hat on your next Trip

6 Reasons to Pack a Hat on your next Trip

4 min read

It’s often a practical question on whether to pack a hat on your next trip abroad. They are difficult to store, you might have to put them on your head during transit and do you even need it? I only started traveling with a hat (the lovely halfway through my last travels through South East Asia and Australia and was so happy to have it. So yes, I’m a big advocate of taking a hat with you and here is why


A Bandana: the Travel And Fashion Accessory You Want To Have

3 min read

Everything in your nomad’s wardrobe, or the clothing you travel with is preferably light and extremely versatile. Weighing in at about 10 grams and having more than 20 ways to wear and use it makes a bandana the travel and fashion accessory you want to have. Wearing a bandana gives me a major throwback to my teenage years but, as this accessory has a place in almost every decade, it is kinda perfect it is back fashion. With the major fashion bloggers, models and actors wearing them, there is plenty of inspiration around. I only recently picked one up in Nimbin, the Australian mecca for hippies and lovers of the green tobacco. What I truly love about this trend is that it is super versatile, very affordable at prices between 1 and 15 euro and that you can buy all the colors in the rainbow if you want to.


Festival%20Hopping%20at%20Couleur%20CaféFestival Hopping at Couleur Café

Festival Hopping at Couleur Café

2 min read

During the weekends of Les Ardentes, Dour Festival and Tommorowland I’m usually in France just as this year. Festivals I would all love to visit but then again I don’t mind the view that I’m looking at right now. One of my bad habits is counting down to the next festival as soon as the most recent one finishes. Before the summer really started in Belgium and here in France it was time for Couleur Café (and Rock Werchter the weekend after). Zalando invited us to choose a festival outfit and join them to the festival. I knew immediately that I would wanted to wear the Bandit shorts from One Teaspoon. We got the full treatment with a ProNails manicure and professional hairstyling. We even got the chance to ride to the festival in this amazeballs vintage Volkswagen Samba bus. I never thought I would actually get the chance to ride in one! I have to admit that it felt a bit strange to dress up for a festival but I sure wouldn’t mind to have it more often. I would suggest joining me to Pukkelpop?


The%20Tomboy%20MakeoverThe Tomboy Makeover

The Tomboy Makeover

3 min read

Recently my sister asked me to give her inspiration to update her style. Her style has always been very sporty and she really is the typical example of a tomboy. A couple of years ago I was able to convince her to start wearing mascara (and to comb her hair more often). More recently she cut bangs which look perfect with her eternal ponytail. But her closet still is quite young filled with hoodies, jeans (regular fit), converse and loads of color. Elements that are pretty cool but I did have some inspiration to update her look. While putting together this moodboard I really wanted to create a very casual look that fits her lifestyle of travel, working with animals and her adversity towards heels while being stylish, sexy and grown-up.


Feature:%20Festivalfashion%20on%20StyletodayFeature: Festivalfashion on Styletoday

Feature: Festivalfashion on Styletoday

3 min read

When Magali from StyleToday asked me to to write a few words on my favorite festival look, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. As you know, Patricia and I love to go to festivals and we’re just coming back from Rock Werchter. Every season I look forward to making a festival report on Coachella, Glastonbury and the likes.