Up North // Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai

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Not to bore you with more Thailand blogging, but as I’m travelling through this wonderful country I’m keen on keeping you up to date with my route. Fashion posts will have to wait since all I’m sporting currently is shorts, super light tops and rompers. Everything that is lights gets the go ahead. I had a hard time believing that I wouldn’t need long pants on this trip and what do you know, never take more than 1 pair of pants to South-East Asian countries and leave the jeans home!

/ Ayutthaya /

Back to my trip, Ayutthaya was great and I was very happy to get out busy busy Bangkok. I put my backpack in a random hostel for a day and rented a motorbike. Even though I was completely filthy after biking around all day, it was the best time. It was very hot and even though a lot of people recommended biking the city, I would say no thank you.

As everyone told me the nighttrain to Chiang Mai was a breeze and I’m very happy with the hostel I booked, SpicyThai Backpackers. A lot of partying Brits, which means a lot of fun -and consequently also a very descent hangover-. One thing to do when in Chiang Mai is meeting elephants. I was very picky about the place that I visited as I could not stand any cruelty to the animals. So that basically left out any place that allows riding on the great creatures. I ended up going to the Elephant Nature Park which is about 1 hour outside of Chiang Mai. Other than that, Chiang Mai has a couple of pretty great temples and is a very good place to get your first Thai massage. I can recommend the Lila Thai Massage, which was founded to integrate recently imprisoned women back into society. Now I’m off to bed because I have to get up in less than 5 hours to catch my flight to Krabi. Finally some beach!

/ Wat Chedi Luang, my favorite temple in Chiang Mai /

/ My awesome pink ride in Chiang Mai /

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Up North // Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai