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Hoi An Itinerary: What to do in Hoi An (Vietnam) for 3 days

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If there is ever a place to enjoy life in Vietnam, it most surely is in Hoi An. This cosy town in the middle of the country is full of exceptionally beautiful colonial buildings and has the best food, excellent shopping, a cosy atmosphere and one of the best spas of the entire country. Almost everybody that comes to this city stays longer than they intended to. I know I did. Since the city is most likely located halfway through your trip, whether you’re going south to north or the other way around, it’s the perfect place to relax, regroup and head back into the hustle and bustle of the rest of the country. Besides you’re going to need a couple of days anyway if you want to have some garments custom-made. Hoi An is after all thé place to do it. Sure, they will tell you that it can be ready within 24h, but when it comes down to it, you don’t want a badly finished piece of clothing nor do you want to be the person that is making the seamstresses work through the night. But most importantly, this is the city to eat, A LOT. The food here is by far the best I’ve eaten in Vietnam and you can even learn how to make it. Enjoy yourself with way too much shopping (I had to send a box home) or a trip to one of my favorite spas.


India%20PlanningIndia Planning

India Planning

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Decisions have been made and we finally have a date upon which we are traveling to India. The reason that we are going? A Wedding! One of our friends is getting married in Calcutta on the 22nd of December and we are joining in on the festivities. Because India is such big country and we only have little over a week before the wedding, we had to be decisive on where to go. We chose to only visit one province because we wanted to see at least one part of the country more thoroughly rather than having to focus on getting from point A to point B.


London%20InstadiaryLondon Instadiary

London Instadiary

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This trip to Londen differed a little bit from my previous trips to the UK capital as I had plans to discover the Britsh countryside as well. So the little time I had in London I wanted to spend wisely, Shoreditch it was. The area has been one of the hippest areas in town for some time now but is rumered that it has passed its peak. Dalton, Hackney Wick, Haggerston and other areas starting with H are tipped as op-and-coming and let’s not forget King’s Cross. In Shoreditch on Saturday I focused on a nice lunch in Albion, cocktails in The Boundary (who are conveniently located in the same builing), shopping in Boxpark (where Alex from Fashercise now has a pop-up!) and a walk in Hoxton.


Hello%20From%20CologneHello From Cologne

Hello From Cologne

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A quick hello from Cologne before I completely crash in bed. I came here to see the city and the ‘Le Bloc’ festival with Thalys. This city has really been amazing, which I have to admit I didn’t expect. So many cool spots and people. But more about that later. In the meantime, you can always check out my Instagram. Goodnight!


Amsterdam%20//%20Stout%20&%20Co.Amsterdam // Stout & Co.

Amsterdam // Stout & Co.

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Details are what separate luxury from the rest. While visiting the Amsterdam Bed & Breakfast Stout & Co. this is what was most eye-catching for us. Every corner you turn, window you look through or magazine you pick up, you find ingenious little details which come together in a perfect concept. In the bedroom for example you will find these little accessories referencing the West-Flemish heritage of one of the owners or the way the name “Stout” refers to the past of the building as a former brewery. It’s very exciting for the senses and made me feel like a very lucky blogger.


My%20New%20York%20Wishlist:%20The%20DrinksMy New York Wishlist: The Drinks

My New York Wishlist: The Drinks

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I have a feeling that the city that never sleeps will suit me perfectly. Since I treated myself to this NY trip as a birthday present, I will be celebrating while there. You hear so much about rooftop bars and rooftop parties that I’m really looking forward to attending my first one.